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From now until the new year a lucky customer who pays for their order on Master of Malt using the “Pay with Amazon” option will be refunded up to £100 every single day! You could literally win your shopping! (Already a possibility with #WhiskySanta around, but why wouldn’t you want to improve those chances, right?!)

As many of you will already know, we’ve accepted Amazon Payments for the best part of two years now. It really couldn’t be easier – simply select “Pay with Amazon” at the checkout, log in with your Amazon account details, and pay without having to dig out your card or having to retype your address on the next page! Huzzah!

So go forth, try it out if you haven’t already (we think you’ll like it), and you may even end up being refunded a ton. Top baubles.

The Winners

  • 9th December:  Melissa Rose Miller (£89.07 refunded)
  • 10th December: Carl Kanner (£100 refunded)
  • 11th December: Jesse Netz (£100 refunded)
  • 12th December: Walter John Calvert (£80.44 refunded)
  • 13th December: Katharine Havelock (£74.84 refunded)
  • 14th December: Anna Coils (£92.74 refunded)
  • 15th December: Stephen Chong (£88.29 refunded)
  • 16th December: J J A Richardson (£79.79 refunded)
  • 17th December: Barbara A Kelly (£67.12 refunded)
  • 18th December: Nichola J McCloy (£90.73 refunded)
  • 19th December: Brendan Murphy (£73.67 refunded)
  • 20th December: Jamie Sim (£83.21 refunded)
  • 21st December: Hiral Shah (£60.78 refunded)
  • 22nd December: Owen Davies (£83.40 refunded)
  • 23rd December: Donna Brumfield (£88.24 refunded)
  • 24th December: C D Moody (£80.24 refunded)
  • 25th December: C Dodd (£74.57 refunded)
  • 26th December: Lee Gomila (£91.58 refunded)
  • 27th December: Paul Jonas (£96.12 refunded)
  • 28th December: Daniel Davies (£80.91 refunded)
  • 29th December: Ruth Wood (£66.21 refunded)
  • 30th December: Michelle Innes (£78.51 refunded)
  • 31st December: Yankie Jaffe (£94.84 refunded)



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