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#WhiskySanta Gives Away Thousands of Gifts at the Checkout!

Whisky Santa

Well, I did say that I might have something else up my immaculately cuffed sleeve this year, and here it is! I’ve used my powers as an omniscient supernatural Christmas being to ‘get in’ to the Master of Malt checkout. From here I’ll be giving away thousands of festive gifts to lucky customers (at least £20,000 worth, in fact!)…

I’ve got a sack full of all sorts of treats – I’ll even be giving some customers their entire order for free! Imagine that! There you are, stocking up for the Christmas day festivities, or picking up a bunch of presents including that bottle of Old Grandad for Uncle Willie, and when you get through the checkout… it’s not cost you a penny! I simply cannot wait to see the stunned and delighted faces. That’s why I’m in this job, you know.

Like all supernatural beings, I move in pretty mysterious ways, but I’ll be giving gifts away right up until Christmas Eve as well as continuing to grant wishes on Twitter and Facebook. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see a message like this one before the big day:

Whisky Santa Banner

Winner winner turkey dinner!

In fact, I’ll let you into a little secret… I’ve actually already started giving gifts away at the checkout, I just haven’t been telling anybody! Drams, festive spirits, Gift Vouchers, free shipping… I’ve popped things like a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar, a Glenfarclas Tasting Set and a bottle of Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old in orders over the last few days without saying a word, ho ho! The second part of #WhiskySanta is well under way already!


The Gifts I’ve given away at the Checkout this year have included (updated 24th Dec):

872x Drinks by the Dram 3cl drams (all sorts of different ones!) 301x Free Shipping on orders, 227x sets of Drinks by the Dram Spirit & Liqueur Crackers, 243x individual Drinks by the Dram Christmas Crackers, 26x bottles of Christmas Mulled Cup, 8x Cherry Brandy, 8x Blended Malt Number 2 – Batch 2 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company), 9x £25 Master of Malt Gift Vouchers, 14x £50 Master of Malt Gift Vouchers, 8x 60 Year Old Gift Sets, 7x 50 Year Old Gift Sets, 4x Regions of Scotland Tasting Sets, 2x Spirit of Hven Sankt Claus, 2x Bathtub Gin, 6x XO Brandy Tasting Sets, a Whisky Advent Calendar, a Ginvent Calendar, a Bourbon Advent Calendar, a Botanical Ginvent Calendar, a Diamond Rickey, an 1897 Quinine Gin, a £10 Gift Voucher, a set of Drinks by the Dram Whisky Crackers, and 69x entirely Free Orders (ranging from £7.57 to £1,134.50 in value!).


Whisky Santa

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16 comments on “#WhiskySanta Gives Away Thousands of Gifts at the Checkout!”

  1. Courtney says:

    I just ordered from you guys for the first time, and now I am even more excited to see what is in my box. Nice job, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Nancy says:

    I'm super excited. I bought something from you not that long ago for my boyfriend who lives whiskey! I'm even thinking of buying a bottle. Any recommendations?

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Benson Shiner says:

    I just received my Scotch wow that was very fast. You guys are great I will keep buy from you as long as my "wife" will allow me to use the credit card

  4. Anthony Peacock says:

    I'm a little sad that I ordered the tequila advent calendar for my girlfriend early now. A free something for myself would have been grand, I'm definitely not seeing any of the tequila hahaha. I do have to say that the calendar was amazing looking and we'll worth every penny as it made her day when she got it.

  5. Clare Charlesworth says:

    I ordered the Whisky Advent Calendar for my husband, it's an early Christmas and Anniversary present as we got married last year on 20th December; he's going to be blown away as he's got absolutely no idea I ordered it (or even that they exist) and he keeps harping on about having a nice bottle of Whisky to open at Christmas – imagine his surprise when he has 24 bottles!! Hee hee, I'm uber excited ….. I love a happy face, especially my husband's!!

  6. Peter Byrne says:

    Wow, lucky twice over. I ordered a bottle over the weekend which is now sold out, and MAY get a Christmas gift to boot… Can't wait!

  7. Linda says:

    Wish I hadn't done my shopping early too 😢

  8. kathryn burns says:

    Ordered on Saturday for a gin night we're having and managed to squeeze an extra bottle in today before despatch. Chuffed! So looking forward to my delivery….. Excited.
    Here's hoping for a surprise. #tension.

  9. Henning Knudsen says:

    HI! Just orderd wiskey 5 psc and i hope hope hope that santa has given somthing extra 🙂

    Merry christmas Master Santa!

  10. Jodi says:

    Aw man! Wish I hadn't done my shopping early! My husbands whiskey advent calendar is already wrapped and under the tree! I know he will love it! If I could have afforded both, I would have gotten the gin advent calendar for me! Maybe next year!

  11. Efrem Cray says:

    Wow, I hope WhiskeySanta helps those like me (a long-time but occasional shopper) who were expecting their US order before December 1st but are still waiting for those grinchy customs agents to clear their shipment of Advent Whisky goodies!!

  12. Darlene Herrington says:

    Done my shopping to early

  13. Jennifer says:

    The ONE year I start my shopping early…oh well. My mailman was so interested when I told him about the Advent Calendar I ordered for my husband that I gave him the flyer that came with it. You'll have a few new customers this year because I've been sharing this awesome idea with everyone I know!!

  14. FJC says:

    Well Santas Give away seems to be a bit of a joke. Just got my order and not the tiniest of little treats in it even though I have ordered things quite often. Maybe I am the mug to have fallen for the marketing ploy. Couldnt you have managed at least a miniature of something. Bah Humbug.

  15. Steve Godfrey says:

    Hi Guys, just ordered my second bottles of Bathtub Gin and Glenfarclas 105 as I just love the stuff! The Glenfarclas is to celebrate my good friends wake, he loved his whisky too, so we'll be raising a glass or two for him…..And WhiskySanta if your reading…a bottle of Cu Dhub Black would be lovely! 😉 …Cheers and Happy Christmas to everyone at Master of Malts!

  16. michael beachum says:

    It’s truly a Christmas miracle. First time ever to shop MoM and i’ll be drammed if I didn’t get my entire order of $216 free! I’ve never won anything. Ever. Love the site. Love the concept. Love the love.

    Keep up the good work, WhiskySanta!

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