WIN a Chivas Regal Cocktail Set as The Chivas Master is announced!

Chivas Cocktail Masters

Tuesday night saw the first ever Chivas Master announced in New York following the conclusion of The Chivas Masters global final. You can read all about the UK leg of the competition here, with Hawksmoor’s Ali Reynolds coming through the heats and a fantastic UK final to take his place in the international showdown of Chivas Regal‘s first ever global cocktail competition!

Before we tell you who won the big prize though, here’s your chance for your very own whisky cocktail win: We’re giving away this rather handsome Chivas Masters Cocktail Set to one of you lovely folk. Keep reading to find out how you could get your hands on this cheeky little prize, including a full 70cl bottle of Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, a stylish Cocktail Shaker and Bar Spoon, plus Recipes for 4 classic cocktails (one from each ‘age’)!

The Chivas Masters Cocktail Set

You can WIN this!

There were 13 competitors from all over the world in The Chivas Masters grand final, each having won the right to be considered the master of their own region. Tasked with reproducing one of the drinks that had seen them progress this far as well facing a number of fresh challenges over two days, the judges (Chivas Global Brand Ambassador, Max Warner; Connaught Bar Director of Mixology, Agostino Peronne; and The Dead Rabbit‘s Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry) had plenty to ponder before choosing their overall champion. Challenges included a milk-based cocktail pairing with Momofuku Milk Bar and a tricky carbonation task set by the excellent Dave Arnold*.

The Chivas Masters Finalists

The Finalists:
(Top row left to right):
Alistair Reynolds (Hawksmoor Spitalfields – London, UK); Chabiz Cadiz (Grand Hyatt Hotel – Santiago, Chile); Cross Yu (The Epic – Shanghai, China)

(2nd row left to right): Diogo Quinaz (Liquid Consulting – Cascais, Portugal); Gilad Livnat (Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar – Tel Aviv, Israel); Joe Villanueva (W Hotel – Hong Kong)

(3rd row left to right): John Samaras (Dalliance House – Kifissia, Greece); Laura Marnich (Zuma Restaurant – Dubai, UAE); Marcus Philipp (The Albertina Passage – Vienna, Austria)

(4th row left to right): Marian Krause (Spirits Bar – Cologne, Germany); Mitsuhiro Nakamura (The Peninsula – Tokyo, Japan); Sam Egerton (Palmer & Co – Sydney, Australia)


The Chivas Master Masahiro Urushido

The Winner (and Chivas Master 2014):
Masahiro Urushido (The Saxon and Parole – New York, USA)

Congratulations to Masahiro, who could clearly show the Brazilians a thing or to about making the most of home advantage! His performance throughout, as well as his The New Pal cocktail, saw him named as the first ever Chivas Master.

The Chivas Master Masahiro Urushido The New Pal

The New Pal

All the finalists are now off to New Orleans’ Tales of The Cocktail, where Chivas are sponsoring the Best American/International Cocktail Bar at the Spirited Awards. Masahiro, meanwhile, not only takes the crown (or the Power Sword or whatever Masters get these days), but will also have the opportunity to collaborate with Dave Arnold over the course of this year on a ‘concept’ that won’t be revealed until the next Chivas Masters… Exciting.

So, for your chance to be a winner too – simply complete the challenge below in the comments section:

– Name two places you would have found The Old Pal cocktail, prior to 1935 (exact dates not required).

Go! We only have one Cocktail Set to give away – fastest finger first!




* If you don’t know who Dave Arnold is but have any interest whatsoever in the science of food and drinks, I can assure you he’s cool. Very cool indeed.

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8 comments on “WIN a Chivas Regal Cocktail Set as The Chivas Master is announced!”

  1. Guy Kelly says:

    The Savoy Cocktail Book, ABC of Mixing Cocktails

    I assume you meant where to find the recipes?

  2. sam robinson says:

    -ABC of Mixing Cocktails
    – Barflies and Cocktails

  3. Andrew Carr says:

    Hi chaps

    Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails and
    Arthur Moss’s appendix to McElhones Barflies and Cocktails

  4. Greg Dillon says:

    1) ABC of Mixing Cocktails
    2) Barflies and Cocktails

  5. Jake says:

    Nice work! First off the mark, and with the best answer was [b]Guy[/b]! The cocktail set is yours my friend, drop an email to alexandra(at) with your preferred delivery address and we’ll get it in the post to you!

    Now… as [b]Andrew[/b] rightly points out, ‘The Old Pal’ does also feature in the [i]appendix[/i] of Barflies and Cocktails, which was written by a certain Arthur Moss. But, this version calls for "Eyetalian" (i.e. sweet)vermouth, rather than dry. Moss also specifies Canadian Club should be used and manages to get William “Sparrow” Robinson’s (the drink’s supposed creator’s) name wrong in the same section. Hmm…

    Still, technically it’s in there in some form, and I guess we’ll give the benefit of the doubt to [b]Sam[/b] and [b]Greg[/b] too – you guys knew all that and didn’t just misread wikipedia like somebody in this office did, right? Excellent. If you all drop an email to Alexandra with your delivery addresses we’ll get a little something in the post for you chaps too.


  6. Guy Kelly says:


    Hooray for things and winning! Have emailed you with my address – please send me [i]all the booze[/i]

  7. Zena goddard says:

    * Barflies and cocktails
    * ABC of Mixing Cocktails

  8. Lori Ruiz says:

    I see the contest is already won. However…

    Created by Harry MacElhone, owner and proprietor of Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, this drink appears in his 1922 book, Harry’s ABC of Cocktails, although it’s possible this drink was created as early as 1878.

    Old Pal (Rye – 1922)

    The Old Pal first shows up in the 1922 edition of ‘Harry’s ABC of Cocktails’ but, oddly, in 1927 Arthur Moss credits the drink to one ‘Sparrow’ Robertson, Sporting Editor of the ‘New York Tribune’, in the appendix of Harry McElhone’s ‘Barflies and Cocktails’. It also appears in the first edition of the ‘Savoy Cocktail Book’ in 1930 so seems to be a relevant drink of its time. Admittedly I need to dig a little deeper with this beverage to offer insight similar to Ted Haigh and Gary Regan as below, though it’s accepted there’s no known reference that pre-dates 1922.

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