Master of Cocktails The Clover Club Cocktail

Greetings all. Time for some Gin? Gin. Yep. Everyone loves Gin. Lovely Gin.

We’re making a classic cocktail for this week’s #MasterofCocktails, which to be honest feels anything but. You’d swear this was a modern drink. It’s called the Clover Club Cocktail – basically a gin sour with added Raspberry.

Traditionally this would be a syrup, but we’re going to be using the Raspberry Liqueur from St. George Spirits.

Master of Cocktails Raspberries

It’s the most raspberryish thing.

Master of Cocktails Raspberries

Including ‘raspberries’, as it’s made from distilled raspberry brandy, with added Raspberries.

Master of Cocktails

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

So. To business then. We’re going to build this lot into a shaker with a good handful of ice in.

Master of Cocktails Ice

Start with 50ml Bathtub Gin. Tastes better from a 1.5 litre bottle. It’s been proven. #Science

Master of Cocktails Bathtub Gin

Next, 20ml St. George Raspberry Liqueur.

Master of Cocktails Raspberry Liqueur

Now 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice. Less than the Liqueur, as it’s less sweet than a syrup.

Master of Cocktails Lemon Juice

Finally, an Egg White. You can go with 1/2 if you prefer, but I like the high viscosity.

Master of Cocktails Egg White

Now shake. Hard. For 30 seconds, then double-strain, and discard the ice…

Master of Cocktails Shake and Strain

Shake again for a second time with no ice to give massive body and a lovely head.

Master of Cocktails Shake

Pour into a Frozen Coupe glass and wonder at its fluffiness. WONDER AT IT.

Master of Cocktails pour

Don’t really *need* a garnish, but it looks awfully nice with some fresh raspberries, doesn’t it?

Master of Cocktails Clover Club




As ever, we always love to see people make the cocktail themselves along with us on a Sunday – just like @Niamhul did!

Master of Cocktails Twitter Clover Club

@Niamhul used Tanqueray and Chambord to make this Clover Club Cocktail trio – cheers!

Stare into the future of #MasterofCocktails and see what we’ll be using from 6PM on Sunday (and the answer is ‘pickled shiitake’ – P89).

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Punt E Mes, Cynar Liqueur, Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 Year Old Bourbon, Bitter Bastards Black Truffle Bitters – Tuber Uncinatum and Pickled Shiitake.