Master of Cocktails Flower Arranging With Mr Gumby

Hi there folks. If you tuned into the @MasterOfMalt Twitter feed on Sunday night for another edition of #MasterofCocktails, you may have noticed it was a bit late. Sorry about that. Been doing a spot of flooring. My whole house smells like young Bourbon. I quite like it.

Right then. Onto today’s cocktail. This’n’s called ‘Flower Arranging with Mr Gumby’. Reasons for the name will become apparent very soon.

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

To start, we’re going to take 40ml of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin.

Master of Cocktails Botanist Gin

Huh. hu-huh.

Master of Cocktails Botanist Gin Beavis and Butthead

Next up – 30ml Belsazar Vermouth Rosé. Cracking stuff this.

Master of Cocktails Belsazar

Following this, 15ml Lanique Rose Petal Liqueur Spirit.

Master of Cocktails Lanique Liqueur

Now just a single barspoon (about 2.5ml) St Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Any more would be overpowering…

Master of Cocktails St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Finally, 5 drops of Bitter Bastards Lavender Bitters.

Master of Cocktails Bitter Bastards Lavender Bitters

Pop it all into a stirring glass with a handful of ice, and give it a good long stir.

Master of Cocktails Stir

Now to prepare the garnish. I’ve got a stem of dried lavender here.

Master of Cocktails Lavender

I’m going to use this as a carrier for lemon-zest, as I don’t want to float it on the drink (again with the overpowering).

So – express the lemon over the lavender flower:

Master of Cocktails Lemon Lavender

The spatter on the board shows you just how much oil a single squeeze yields.

Master of Cocktails Lemon Lavender

Strain the drink into a chilled coupette…

Master of Cocktails Strain

Garnish with the lemon-spritzed lavender…

Master of Cocktails Garnish

And serve. Cheers all. Don’t have too many, or your brain will hurt.

Master of Cocktails Flower Arranging With Mr Gumby




Here’s what we’re going to be using for the upcoming #MasterofCocktails.

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Angostura Bitters, an Orange, Haig Club, Double Cream, Granulated Sugar, Butter and Sea Salt.

An amendment to the above – I’ve changed my mind. Not Angostura. These. Definitely these.

Master of Cocktails Orinoco Bitters

The Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters