Master of Cocktails Gin Punch

Hopefully you were all paying attention during the last #MasterofCocktails, as we made the most important part of this week’s drink(s) a week in advance – the Oleo-Saccharum (a fancy term for sugared peel).

There’s nowt better than being able to have your guests serve themselves amazing punch, and sorting the Oleo-Saccharum ahead of time will save you a load of effort. You also won’t have to ‘work’ the sugar into the peel, and will also ultimately yield better results.

In case you did miss it, let’s have a look at how you should make your own Oleo-Saccharum a week in advance in preparation for making your Gin Punch…

The sugar rips the essential oils out of the peel as they gently macerate over the course of the week. Now you can do this in a pinch by ‘working’ the sugar into the peel, but that’s quite hard, so we’re going to use the power of ‘leaving it the hell alone’ for a week. So. Begin with 4 lemons…

Master of Cocktails Lemons

Peel ’em:

Master of Cocktails Peeled Lemons

And sling them into a freezer bag with about 35g sugar per lemon.

Master of Cocktails Lemon Peel and Sugar

Squeeze the air out of the bag, and bung it into the fridge along with the peeled lemons.

Master of Cocktails Lemon Peel and Sugar

After a week, you’ll be all set to make your Gin Punch. Everyone ready? Let’s get to it…

Master of Cocktails Punch ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients (Basic Gin Punch)

  • 300ml Oleo-Saccharum and Juice of 4 Lemons (or whatever quantity you produce)
  • 300ml Bathtub Gin
  • 300ml Soda Water

(For Gin and Soda, use whatever quantity you’re working to)


Grab your baggie out of the fridge, and whip the de-peeled lemons out as well…

Master of Cocktails Fridge Stuff

Chop ’em in half, and add the juice to the bag. Give it a smush about to dissolve all the sugar.

Master of Cocktails Oleo Saccharum

Now strain, and measure what you’ve got. Those 4 lemons made 300ml in my case.

Master of Cocktails Strain Oleo Saccharum

This 300ml will form the basis of the recipe, but adjust to whatever quantity you churned out.

Master of Cocktails Measure Oleo Saccharum

For making the basic punch, this really couldn’t be simpler. Take your 300ml (or whatever quantity you’re working to) and add 300ml of Gin. I’m using Bathtub for this punch.

Master of Cocktails Bathtub Gin

Finally, gently add 300ml of Soda Water. Told you it was easy.

Master of Cocktails Soda

And (basically) that’s it. Serve it from a punch-bowl if you’ve got one. Even better if you’ve got some clear ice…

Clear Ice much like this. Oh yes.

Master of Cocktails Clear Ice

I’ve also sliced a lemon to make it all pretty, like…

Master of Cocktails Sliced Lemon

In this instance I’m adding the juice of a pink grapefruit, and about 40ml Bénédictine.

Master of Cocktails Grapefruit

Et Voila. The finished article.

Master of Cocktails Punch from Above

Gin Punch. A bread-and-butter staple.

Master of Cocktails Gin Punch



No prep required for next week, just grab yourself these simple ingredients:

Master of Cocktails Next Week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Hine Rare VSOP Cognac, Port, Eggs and Nutmeg. (Oh, and Sugar Syrup and Angostura Bitters too!)