Exclusive Overeem Bourbon Cask Release Competition

Old Hobart Overeem casks

WIN a place on the panel to choose which cask gets bottled as well as receiving a special personalised bottle of the resulting limited edition release!

A proper competition this, for all you malt fans out there. The marvellous folk at the Old Hobart distillery in Tasmania are wonderful whisky makers, but are sometimes a little indecisive. Alongside his truly excellent Sherry and port cask releases, Head Distiller and distillery owner Casey Overeem has – for the first time – filled a small number of specially re-sized bourbon casks with his wonderful single malt! The trouble is they all taste superb, so he’s having a little trouble to decide which one to release first in the UK… that’s where you come in.


We’re offering one lucky winner a unique opportunity to join a select panel of whisky experts at a Central London location (travel within the UK will be covered) in late September to decide which is the very best from three different single casks. The selected cask will then be bottled and released exclusively in the UK later in 2015. Just 50 bottles of the 60% ABV bourbon cask release will be available and in addition to having your say as to which cask is finally bottled, you’ll also receive a special personalised bottle of whisky taken from the chosen cask.

2 runners-up will also each win a bottle of Overeem Sherry Cask 43% for their efforts.

Old Hobart distillery Overeem whisky

Casey and Jane Overeem need your help.


All you have to do is write us a Tasting Note that Casey himself would be proud of…

The person with the best tasting note, as chosen by Casey, will win. The whisky we want you to document is the Overeem Sherry Cask 43%. Its huge rich, fruity and spicy notes have proved a hit with single malt fans all over the globe. All you need to do is take inspiration from the whisky itself and tell us what you think it tastes like by 10pm on Thursday 18th September (winner to be announced on Friday 19th September).

If you don’t happen to have this expression to hand and don’t fancy purchasing a whole bottle, you can of course grab yourself a 3cl sample dram from the product page on the Master of Malt website:

Old Hobart Overeem whisky

Good ol’ Drinks By The Dram.



1. Enter your tasting note in the User Review section of the Product Page, including a twitter handle so we can get in touch with you if you win!

2. Enter your tasting note in the Comments section below, ensuring that you enter an email address in the field provided so we can get in touch with you if you win!

3. Enter your tasting note in a Comment on our Facebook Post.


Best of luck!

– The Chaps at Master of Malt –
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3 comments on “Exclusive Overeem Bourbon Cask Release Competition”

  1. Philip Morrice says:

    In its native Tasmania where I have tasted this whisky, it slips out of the bottle with a seductive smoothness that is confirmed by the delicate aroma which quietens flared nostrils and stills wagging tongues by its sheer presence. It fills the mouth with a richness that confirms the sherry based influence but also assails the senses with all manner of rare spices and exotic fruits. It soothes the throat like some heavenly cough mixture. However, there is an underlying robustness in the taste and finish which exposes some oakiness and cocoa bean to offset the overall richness of the spirit.

  2. Mark W says:

    Honest….balanced. Bright gold with a opening of vanilla and fruitcake, this dram takes me back to the quiet moments with family, the things that matter, the contemplation of what is there, and what is just below the surface. A light gentle touch… chocolate…with a lingering spice, like the memory of a lover past.

  3. Steven Robb says:

    This dram has the attractive colour of a copper pot still.
    On the nose it smells more like a sherry, with raisins and sultanas, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, oak and a hint of orange, very enticing, like Dundee cake or Christmas cake.
    On the taste, the flavours detected on the nose come through in a very well integrated manner, with both an excellent weighty presence in the centre of the tongue plus the fun of spices gently tingling the roof of the mouth in a playful manner.
    This carries through to the lingering finish where the juicy fruits, offset by a touch of dryness from the oak and cocoa, could easily tempt you back for another taste.
    I feel it’s a privilege to taste such excellent whisky and I’m sure this accomplished dram should satisfy even the most discerning whisky drinker.

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