You would be forgiven for thinking our recent trip to Speyside was for more whisky-based adventures, but you’d be wrong. Instead, we went to discover the only distillery exclusively producing white spirits in the region – Glenrinnes!

Talk of a new distillery in Speyside is always going to pique any spirit-lovers interest. But the distillery that sits at the foot of Ben Rinnes on the Glenrinnes family estate has an intriguing point of difference. It isn’t making Gin and Vodka just to fill time before releasing a whisky. High quality, 100% organic white spirits are the focus.

We decided to pay them newcomers a visit to find out more about the family behind the project, why they focused on white spirits and more. Over the course of several exclusive videos, shot on-site at the distillery itself and its surrounding grounds, we breakdown the story of Glenrinnes Distillery and the Eight Lands brand through interviews and a magnificent in-depth tour. Enjoy the footage!

Just to whet your appetite, here’s our preview of the swanky new Glenrinnes Distillery in exciting video form!

To talk us through the history of the distillery, from the Glenrinnes Estate and organic farm to the decision not to create whisky, is founder Alex Christou!

In this video tour with Glenrinnes Distillery, you’ll meet operations manager Meeghan Murdoch and distiller Katrina Stewart and learn all about how the distillery creates its signature white spirits.

Meeghan Murdoch, the aforementioned operations manager, gives us a snapshot in the day of the life of a spirits-maker.

Next, the distillation process is broken down in further detail by Katrina Stewart, who talks us through the family values of the company and more.

Founder Alex Christou returns to talk about the creation of the Eight Lands brand, what gives the spirits a point of difference and what the future holds.

Glenrinnes Distillery

The fabulous Glenrinnes Distillery in Speyside.

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