Michael and FEW American Gin


We make a lot of cool stuff. This has been proven. As of a couple of weeks ago, we’ve got someone who’s going to be responsible for getting all this cool stuff into bars, retailers and your house (specifically you) throughout the UK, and worldwide.

We also really like exciting, cool whiskies and spirits distilled all over the world. Given that we’re reasonably decent-sized now, it sort of makes sense for us to start importing some of the cooler brands out there. We’ve also got someone who’s going to be responsible for bringing all those awesome products into the UK and getting them into the self-same bars, retailers and also into your house.

Fortunately, those two someones are actually the same human. Here he is. His name is Michael, and he wants to talk to you:

Michael Vachon and FEW American Gin

This is what his face looks like. If you see him, ask him why you don’t yet have a bottle of everything we distribute in your house*


I could not be more excited to be working with the fine folks at Master of Malt, as they are continually being recognised for their contributions to the drinks industry. Also, I was promised gin and cigars for as long as I work here.

In this new role, I will be responsible for managing the trade sales of Master of Malt’s extraordinary portfolio of brands, including those from That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, as well as any brands we’ve sourced.

If you make good spirits: We’re on the lookout for exciting new brands, like FEW Spirits, which we can make available to our customer-base in the UK. We’ll continue to focus on incredibly high quality products and with our awesome online site and huge trade customer base, it is an exciting time for any brand to join our portfolio. Just drop us a line – ask for Michael.

If you’re a bar: We’re working hard to develop our connections with established distributors here in the UK. This means that you should soon have wider access to our full range of products through your normal wholesale suppliers.

If you’re an international customer: Good news, we’re going to be pushing our own brands out like crazy into new markets. All of them. So you should be able to buy our own brands in your local liquor store soon.

If you like amazing spirits: Even better news for you. Much, much more cool stuff is coming soon, and it will all be available on MoM. Hang on to your hats.

*Unless you do already have a bottle of everything we distribute in your house, in which case probably ask him to buy you a drink?