The Glenlivet Alpha

You may have already heard the exciting news that The Glenlivet have launched a brand new expression without revealing any tasting notes or cask details – even the bottle is blacked out so that you can’t see the whisky until you first pour some out into your chosen glass! It’s a totally blind release, the first of its kind and it will take a chap of steel to unravel its mysteries.

The Glenlivet Alpha is available now from Master of Malt, and with only 3,350 available worldwide (600 in the UK), make sure to grab one before it’s too late – we expect these to sell at a colossal velocity. Once you have your bottle you can begin The Glenlivet’s interactive sensory journey to discover its secrets, testing yourself or learning more about Single Malt Scotch Whisky along the way.


α – Can you Master Your Senses?


Sensory challenges will be set online at and, the ‘Sight’ challenge is already available with the rest to follow in the next few weeks. Further clues will be revealed via their twitter account (@The_Glenlivet).

Master Distiller Alan Winchester, who shares his name with a rifle making him sound like a bit of a gunbird, will also be answering questions online and pointing people in the right direction:

“Flavour is a multi-sensory experience: one that combines the subtleties of sight and sensation in the mouth, in addition to taste and smell. By withholding information on the casks used to create The Glenlivet Alpha and encouraging people to use their senses, I hope they will gain a greater appreciation of its particular flavour, and expand their understanding of the great complexity and depth of our unique single malt whisky. I can’t wait to hear people’s reactions.”

– Alan Winchester

The Glenlivet Alpha

The Glenlivet Alpha – £97.13


Tasting Notes for the Glenlivet Alpha

Nose: ???

Palate: ???

Finish: ???

Overall: ???

The big reveal will take place on a hectic danger day late in June, with papa Alan explaining exactly how The Glenlivet Alpha has been produced. We will be posting our own tasting notes afterwards.

Currently, we are also running a competition to win a bottle of the Alpha, ending on 15th May, where if you buy any 70cl bottle from The Glenlivet distillery we will place your name into our prize draw to win a bottle of this new, enigmatic single malt. (Rest assured that whichever bottle of The Glenlivet you choose to purchase, we will lovingly package it to avoid any Norfolk fractures.)

Good luck unravelling the mysteries of The Glenlivet Alpha, as I’m sure you can tell we are rather excited about the release of this particular film whisky…