Master of Malt 10 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur

Are you a single malt drinker of discerning tastes? Do you have the cocked eyebrow and furrowed brow of a whisky aficionado of esteem and worldliness?

Well, we regularly cock our eyebrows and furrow our brows (as evidenced by the photo of the devilishly charming Sir Roger Moore below).

We also find that most whisky liqueurs are too sweet for our liking. And are often made with cheap grain whisky, instead of top quality single malt. Eurrghh! This will not do!

So we decided to do something wholly unthought-of – we created a whisky liqueur for the single malt connoisseur.

This was much, much easier said than done though, in fact this liqueur has been literally months in the making.

First we searched for the perfect whisky to base our wondrous new liqueur on. We knew it had to be rich and thoroughly malty, and after experimenting with a multiplicity of whiskies of all shapes, size and styles from all over Scotland, we settled on a delightful 10 year old Speyside malt, aged in sherry.

Sir Roger Moore

Now, we can’t tell you where it’s from due to its top secret nature (if we did say anything we’d instantly fall over, revealing poisoned blow darts in our backs). However, we can allude to its origins; it’s from a very, very famous distillery, and one that we love deeply in our hearts and one whose name rhymes with… actually, better not even hint (because of the blow darts).

Once we’d settled on the super-secret whisky, we set about adding the other ingredients. The whisky is from a distillery known for its Christmassy, spicy and rich malt and we wanted to enhance this, and bring out every hidden nuance.

We wore the hearts, facial expressions and hats of skilled artisans, and we did not rest until we settled on two kinds of orange peel, each more zesty than the other. We then “seasoned” this concoction with an array of spices that are the hallmarks of Christmas, including oodles of cinnamon and cloves. We even tried out a large assortment of different types of sugar before we settled upon the perfect one.

The result is, well we think you can guess what the result is…

You can by a bottle of Master of Malt 10 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur for £26.95 – click here to buy

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