Master of Malt 10 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Scotch Liqueurs • 70cl • 35%
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Master of Malt 10 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur
Country Scotch Liqueurs
Region Scotch Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand Master of Malt

Speyside Whisky Liqueur

Made exclusively using 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky from one of Speyside's most famous distilleries, this liqueur has been designed with the Single Malt drinker in mind.

Matured in Sherry Casks, the base whisky used to make our liqueur has an extraordinary depth of character and flavour. We sought to emphasise this flavour by using ingredients including Cinnamon, two different kinds of Orange peel, and Cloves.

Excellent over ice, but more than good enough to drink neat. We hope you enjoy drinking our liqueur as much as we enjoyed making it!

For the Perfect Serve Pour a healthy measure of Liqueur into a tumbler full of ice, stir, then squeeze a good-sized strip of fresh orange peel over the drink, and add to the glass.

Tasting Note by

Nose Big wafts of dried, aromatic fruit, with nutmeg, anise, Angostura bitters and cola notes, peppermint, dark chocolate and dried ginger. The whisky presence is unmistakable, giving this a huge and beguiling complexity.

Palate Burnt creme brulee, blood oranges, mint humbugs and sweet malty cereal all combine with the spiced notes and a syrupy sweetness, which isn't overpowering. You'll find a subtlety here, with the more aromatic spices slotting in neatly with the more fruity aspects. Nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla are the prominent notes, with a hint of something charred and woody.

Finish The sweetness subsides, leaving the anise and nutmeg notes and lingering notes of woody casks.

Overall A very impressive balance to this liqueur, with an 'au natural' feel. The spices are vibrant and the whisky is hugely prominent- which, after all is what it should be!

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Speyside Whisky Liqueur
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Reviews for Master of Malt 10 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur
I adore this magical potion. The bottling note, with all the richness and complexity, is completely accurate.
Marilyn H , Canada
one year ago
Delicious, smooth, a perfect find! Not too sweet like others but sweet enough. Well rounded flavour, all whisky with subtle undertones, the perfect balance. The whisky drink i have looked for years to find.
Simon , United Kingdom
one year ago
If you've got the money
It's nice bit pricey
Drambui with plenty of ice is nice too
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Very disappointing liqueur.
I bought this whiskey liqueur based on the reviews and I am very disappointed with the taste that leaves nothing to be desired. It was a birthday present for my Dad who has being drinking whisky all his life and he too was not impressed with it. We shall go back to Drambuie.
Duncan F , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Let's email them and ask them to start making it again
Alan , United Kingdom
4 years ago
My new favorite
I've never tasted a whiskey that was as smooth as this one, and it has an affordable price as well.

The next bottle I might actually share :)
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago
So much better than the other dross out there
This is a whisky liqueur that is:

1) at the right ABV (not watered down)
3) Is my best.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Very happy I found Master of Malt! I bought this as a special surprise gift and it was well worth it for my classic Makers Mark man! All the men said it was so smooth and one of the best whiskeys they'd ever had!
Much love from TX!
Christen R , United States
7 years ago
So clean and smooth one of the best whiskey I've tasted.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
This is a great whiskey liqueur. I was very impressed when we finally got it and opened it!
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago