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Vodka’s Vodka. Or is it?

Yes, it is – but you can still do some interesting things with it. Find out what we think about vodka below.

Talking trends: What we’ll be drinking in 2019 and beyond

Last week, we joined William Grant & Sons UK to future gaze as the Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Reyka and Sailor Jerry-owner unpacked its 2018 Market Report. What will we be drinking over the next 18 months and why? The trends brainiacs behind the scenes reckon they have the answer…

We’d all love to see into the future. Honestly, who among us would pass up the chance to gaze into a crystal ball in the search for answers: what are next week’s lottery numbers? How long until there are flying cars? When will the ‘gin bubble’ burst?

The UK drinks industry would certainly love the chance. With rampant technological advances, a difficult geo-political climate and economic uncertainty, the pace of change has never felt quite as fast as it does today. Keeping up is tough, never mind being one step ahead.

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The Nightcap: 15 June

Potential gin droughts and whiskey made with beavers. It’s all kicking off, isn’t it? The Nightcap is here to fill you in on this week’s booze news.

Look at a calendar. Or your phone. Or the bottom right/top right corner of your computer screen (dependent on what operating system you’re using). Notice that today is Friday. Revel in the joy of Friday, for it ushers in a new edition of The Nightcap, with all its booze news goodness. Revel in it. Go on. We’ll wait.


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The Nightcap: 1 June

That’s another week in the books, folks. Now’s the time to crack out a tasty beverage and kick back with our round-up of this week’s booze news – The Nightcap!

You might not have noticed, but a portion of the team has been over on Islay getting involved in all things Fèis Ìle 2018. This has included coopering at Lagavulin, Hawaiian shirts at Bruichladdich, being stranded at Caol Ila, bung curling at Laphroaig, pizza ovens at Bowmore, hoopla at Kilchoman, and many dogs. The festivities continue over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for more from the team.


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Toast the royal wedding! We reimagine the Royal Family as cocktails

Charge your glasses and ready your bunting, folks – the royal wedding is officially upon us! To mark the occasion in the only way we know how, we’ve reimagined 10 of the royal family as cocktail serves. Enjoy!

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention (and apologies if you’ve been hiding from it all), tomorrow Prince Harry, sixth in line to the British throne, and Meghan Markle, actor and activist, will wed at Windsor Castle in what promises to be one of the most quintessentially British shindigs of the entire year.


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London Rye and beyond: East London Liquor Company on English whisky

Last week, East London Liquor Company steamrollered its original crowdfunding target of £750,000 in a mere 24 hours. Here, founder Alex Wolpert reflects on four transformative years, details the distillery’s next steps, and anticipates the future of English whisky with his hyper-local London Rye.

“It’s been quite a week,” a humble Wolpert tells me over the phone, and I don’t doubt him for a second. The gin, vodka and whisky distillery – east London’s first for more than a century – exceeded the £1 million marker of its Crowdcube campaign within four days, with investments ranging from £10 to £175,000. At the time of writing, ELLC is making clear headway on its amended target of £1.5m.


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Get in on the hybrid spirits trend with these delicious drops!

Any 2018 drinks trend round-up worth its salt will mention ‘hybrid spirits’. But what the hell are they, are they any good, and why should we bother anyway when the composite parts are already tasty on their own? We scoured the MoM warehouse shelves and found five delectable examples of the deliciousness that can occur when spirits worlds collide…

Gin that thinks it’s a wine? Whiskies made in one place and matured in another? Vodka with a hint of Cognac? For spirits purists (and many of the rest of us) the booze world has gone a bit bonkers of late. So-called hybrid spirits – where one or more drinks categories blur boundaries for a new expression, basically the Transformers of tipples – are billed as the innovative brave new world of liquor, developed to court picky consumers with a thirst for the original. But are they actually any good?

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The Nightcap: 20 April

What a week! Nothing ever stands still in the world of booze, but this has been a particularly exciting seven days. Buckle up, folks – The Nightcap is here!

As always, before proceeding it is imperative that we recall the week that was. On Sunday, we celebrated the wonder that is Glenfarclas 105 Day (did you crack open a dram to mark the 105th day of the year?). Then, on Monday, news reached MoM Towers that Diageo was investing a humongous £150 million in whisky tourism, taking in visitor centres across Scotland and even a fancy new Johnnie Walker experience. We can’t wait.


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The Nightcap: 13 April

Friday the 13th is unlucky for some, but not here at MoM Towers. We’ve got a treat of a Nightcap coming your way to round off the week!

As usual, it’s been a busy seven days in Drinks Land. Over on the blog this week we’ve brought you news of Jameson’s record-breaking year, a tour of English gin distilleries, and what could be the world’s largest Japanese whisky tasting. Plus, we announced the winner of our Esker Honey Spiced Gin ‘catshun competishunzz’ – congrats to our victor and six runners-up!


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Top 10 boozy alternative to Easter eggs!


Apparently it’s Easter already. Quite frankly, this is madness! As 2018 proceeds to run away from us all, we’ve elected to make this the easiest Easter ever: by compiling a list of spectacular spirits and cracking chocolate-based delights in one eggsellent* blog. What more could you need?!

It’s Easter people – and that means chocolate eggs, an enormous rabbit making an annual appearance for reasons I’ve never had fully explained to me, and a four day weekend(!)**. But not all of us want to spend the bonus time down the aisle of a supermarket, surrounded by screeching children high on sugar, trying to decide which marginally different brand of Easter-themed confectionery we’ll shamefully gorge in one sitting (again…).

So, we’ve decided to come up with 10 amazing alcoholic alternatives to save you the time and effort of the Easter egg hunt this year. Below you’ll find all manner of delicious goodness, whether it’s downright chocolate decadence, bonafide classics of their categories, or subtle, suggestive spirits. We start, as well we might, with a particularly fine bottle of Scotch…


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Get ahead with our ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide!

Mother's Day

Mums (and mum-like figures*) are pretty great. They listen to us moan when we get a parking ticket. They talk us out of buying life-sized Bigfoot statues. Some of them bake nice cakes. Mother’s Day (Sunday 11 March**) is an excellent reminder to make a fuss of her, and we reckon you should make the most of it.

For the most part, sweet treats are predictable and flowers scream ‘I bought this gift less than 10 minutes before coming over’. We’ve got a few preliminary suggestions, however. A statue of Putin riding a bear topless over Russia? A yodelling pickle? This unnecessary wall decal?

Perhaps not. If you’re keen to go one better than your siblings, buy her a bottle of something lovely this Mother’s Day. Better still, whip her up a cocktail with said booze. And you know what? She’ll probably share it, because she’s your mum and that’s what mums do.


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