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Sweet, sweet liqueurs – we all love ’em, and you can catch up on all the latest liqueur-related news right here.

Diageo’s biggest winners and losers in 2018

Diageo has done its sums and presented the results of its 2018 financial year – we’ve had a good ol’ nosey to see how its brands performed. Get ready for some number, folks.

If you sit squarely in the middle of a Venn diagram that shows people who like tasty boozes and people who like business-y gubbins, this is one of the most exciting times of the year for you – when drinks companies start posting their full-year results. As one of the biggest drinks companies in the world, Diageo’s full-years results are always good for having a nose through, which we did.


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Top tipples for Wimbledon 2018!

Forget new balls – this summer Wimbledon, the pinnacle of grass court tennis, is all about trying new drinks! So if you’re hosting a soiree or just fancy a refreshing sipper while watching the pros, we’ve got just the thing for you. Ace!

Strawberries and cream, summer cups, white outfits and rain delays – it can only be Wimbledon.

The most quintessentially British of all sporting events, Wimbledon fortnight turns us all into tennis umpires – albeit with greater interest in the sort of serves you can drink rather than the type that results in contentious Hawkeye calls (the VAR of SW19).

So in the spirit of all things Wimbledon, we picked out ten of the best tipples to enjoy during the Championships, from the fruity and refreshing to the more unusual and unexpected. Enjoy!

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Top 10 boozy alternative to Easter eggs!


Apparently it’s Easter already. Quite frankly, this is madness! As 2018 proceeds to run away from us all, we’ve elected to make this the easiest Easter ever: by compiling a list of spectacular spirits and cracking chocolate-based delights in one eggsellent* blog. What more could you need?!

It’s Easter people – and that means chocolate eggs, an enormous rabbit making an annual appearance for reasons I’ve never had fully explained to me, and a four day weekend(!)**. But not all of us want to spend the bonus time down the aisle of a supermarket, surrounded by screeching children high on sugar, trying to decide which marginally different brand of Easter-themed confectionery we’ll shamefully gorge in one sitting (again…).

So, we’ve decided to come up with 10 amazing alcoholic alternatives to save you the time and effort of the Easter egg hunt this year. Below you’ll find all manner of delicious goodness, whether it’s downright chocolate decadence, bonafide classics of their categories, or subtle, suggestive spirits. We start, as well we might, with a particularly fine bottle of Scotch…


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The cream of the crop – Irish cream liqueurs are good

We’ve offered our blog readers two delicious alternatives to Irish whiskey for this St. Patrick’s Day – poitín and gin. However, there remains another path you could follow. The Path of Irish Cream Liqueurs.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog posts this week, you’ll have seen two features each offering up a switcheroo on the traditional tipple of Irish whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day (which is occurring this Saturday, 17 March). Our Adam gave us an in-depth history lesson on poitín, while our Annie took us on a whistle-stop tour of Irish gin distilleries. This is all well and good, but you might be thinking there’s another tipple well worth exploring. I am, of course, referring to the extreme excellence of Irish cream liqueurs.


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International Women’s Day with… Hannah Lanfear of The Mixing Class

International Women’s Day

Hannah Lanfear is one woman with many, many hats. Founder and director of drinks consultancy The Mixing Class, WSET educator, bar consultant, brand ambassador, cocktail expert and die-hard Prince fan… she is the very definition of multi-talented. In the latest instalment of our International Women’s Day series, Lanfear sits down with us to talk spirits education, diversity and, of course, whisky…

In her two decades’ experience in the cocktail and spirits industry, Hannah Lanfear has left her mark on some of the most reputed bars in London including Milk & Honey, Bungalow 8, and Boisdale as an accomplished cocktail bartender and bar manager. She has also consulted on bar openings for establishments such as Nimb Copenhagen and GloGlo’s in Shoreditch, and has been a global brand ambassador for Jensen’s Gin.

Now, as a WSET educator and founder of The Mixing Class (TMC), she is promoting her unwavering belief in the importance of education, research and social responsibility, putting what she has learned through her experiences of bar culture across the globe into practice. We spoke to Lanfear to see what life is like as the director of a drinks consultancy, how her experience led her to where she is now, the state of diversity within the industry, and her thoughts on whisky today.


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Get ahead with our ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide!

Mother's Day

Mums (and mum-like figures*) are pretty great. They listen to us moan when we get a parking ticket. They talk us out of buying life-sized Bigfoot statues. Some of them bake nice cakes. Mother’s Day (Sunday 11 March**) is an excellent reminder to make a fuss of her, and we reckon you should make the most of it.

For the most part, sweet treats are predictable and flowers scream ‘I bought this gift less than 10 minutes before coming over’. We’ve got a few preliminary suggestions, however. A statue of Putin riding a bear topless over Russia? A yodelling pickle? This unnecessary wall decal?

Perhaps not. If you’re keen to go one better than your siblings, buy her a bottle of something lovely this Mother’s Day. Better still, whip her up a cocktail with said booze. And you know what? She’ll probably share it, because she’s your mum and that’s what mums do.


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Drinks aficionados share their first spirit love!

Valentine's Day

Whether you’ve found the gin to your tonic or you’re more interested in Ballantine’s than Valentine’s, there’s one thing we can all agree on: when it comes to spirits, our love will never run dry. Here, six drinks industry luminaries share their most cherished booze discovery…

Do you remember your first love? No, not Debbie from Year 9; I’m talking about your first spirit love. No matter whether it was whisky, gin, Tequila, or something different entirely, my question to you is this: what was the first spirit that you thoroughly enjoyed, the one that you’ll always cherish?


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Check out these heart-warming Valentine’s Day spirits!

In news that will come as no surprise to the romantic, the lovelorn and the rest, National Singles Awareness Day Valentine’s Day is upon us again (on the 14th, just like it was last year).

With the day in question approaching faster than Cupid’s arrow, here at MoM Towers we just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t make sure that you lovely lot knew where you could find the most delicious and delightful boozes for your nearest and/or dearest. So, we’ve compiled a handy list of Valentine’s presents for all you marvellous folk – we are good to you.


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The ultimate gift guide to utterly bonkers Christmas-inspired spirits!


Get those cocktail shakers at the ready – we’ve assembled the world’s most daring festive spirits for your drinking pleasure. It also serves as a handy gift guide for the booze-and-Christmas fanatic in your life, should you be feeling generous.

Calling all spirited carollers, snowman builders, eggnog sippers, tree decorators, stocking stuffers, seasonal ice skaters, chestnut roasters, snowball throwers, mince pie munchers, mistletoe kissers, and all-round Christmas enthusiasts. It’s time to ramp things up a notch.

Gatecrash a pantomime. Bake a single mince pie of gargantuan proportions. Buy matching Christmas jumpers for you and your pets and refuse to remove them until 1 January. And, most importantly, imbibe some exceptionally festive spirits with some of your most beloved fellow humans.


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Celebrate Italian Cuisine Week with Campari cocktail pairings!

It’s officially Italian Cuisine Week – as if we’d even need a reason to indulge in the deliciousness that Italy has to offer. Armed with empty bellies and eager palates, we headed to Campari UK’s office in The Shard, London, for a food and cocktail-pairing masterclass.

In Italy, a mealtime is not simply for filling your stomach. It’s a convivial event that brings family and friends together, and a wholesome culinary experience. It’s an occasion to be shared and savoured.

“Convivial comes from ‘convivere’: living together,” enthused Pasquale Terracciano, Italian ambassador to the UK, as he introduced the evening. “It’s the idea that you spend time together, you eat and drink together. You don’t just meet to feed yourself, but to have an experience in the company of friends.”


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