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When will rum’s golden hour arrive?


For years, industry insiders have been prophesying rum’s meteoric rise – but the category is still waiting in the wings. What is rum doing to move forward, and how can it attract new fans? A group of experts pondered its prospects at the first ever Think Rum event. 

It has heritage akin to Scotch whisky and the regional diversity found in gin, so why isn’t rum taken as seriously? Well, the category is broad and complex for starters. It’s also privy to a party image, and largely underrepresented in bars and pubs. However, that’s not to say rum is struggling – far from it. In fact, UK sales topped £1 billion for the first time ever in 2017.

For this level of popularity to be sustainable, rum must not rest on its laurels. Now more than ever, drinkers want to be educated about the various styles and brands within any given category, and it’s important that the entire rum community, from producers to bloggers, is poised to deliver if the category is to thrive.


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Master of Cocktails – Mai Tai

Master of Cocktails Mai Tai

This week’s #MasterofCocktails is an absolute doosie. We’re making a Mai Tai. Probably one of the most abused and under-appreciated drinks in the world.

Now, if you’ve ever ordered one of these in a bar, you’ll either have had a delicious variant on a Daiquiri, or a juice-laden mess that bears as much resemblance to a proper cocktail as a bottle of Hooch and an apple schnapps chaser.

Can you guess which version we’re going to be making?


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New Product entitled… erm… “Brown Drink”



So – we’ve been doing our Drinks by the Dram whisky sample service for almost a year now, and in that time have decanted ‘loads’ of 700ml bottles into 30ml samples.
700 divided by 30 is 690, so even if one is slightly generous with the 30ml measure, there’s still going to be a little drop or two left over.
My original plan (and I thought it was a darned good one) was to save all of this up, and make some awesome cocktails at the staff Christmas party, or maybe do something at the directors’ joint birthday party, but it turns out that “a little drop or two” multiplied by “loads” is about 37 full-sized bottles-worth.
Even we aren’t that thirsty. More…
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Hottest Summer Ever

 Here Comes The Sun

When we flung open the MoM shutters this morning we were greeted with the sound of birds chirping and children playing as blissful sunshine poured into the room.


We’ve earned this summer, having had the coldest winter for 31 years! Just imagine our chagrin last year, when the Met Office promised us a “barbecue summer” and instead we were given drizzle, and lots of it.


Positive Weather Solutions (who have been a tad more reliable than the Met Office and have a pleasingly optimistic name) have predicted Summer 2010 to be a record breaker, with a good chance of temperatures exceeding 2003’s high of 38.5C. This is good news indeed. More…

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