You bought loads of Highland Park for Christmas, and each of you who did earned a chance to win an amazing trip to the Highland Park Distillery in Orkney! Now that you’ve cracked open the bottle (or gifted it to a loved one) to enjoy while drafting your resolutions for 2013, it’s time to announce the lucky chap (or chappette) who’s going to Orkney.

Drumroll, please…

Mr Andrew Knox from North Yorkshire, come on down!! That’s right, Andrew—you have won this amazing opportunity to visit the Highland Park Distillery in Orkney, Scotland!

The gates of the distillery—in reverse.

How did he win, you ask? By purchasing this delectable bottle of Highland Park 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Experts and amateurs agree that this is a whisky you should always—always—have on your whisky shelf at home.

Highland Park 18 Year Old.

Nose: Lovely aromas of fruits and flowers spring forth from the glass. Fruit salad drenched in honey.

Palate: A creamy mouthfeel with the fruit notes moving to preserves. Hints of espresso creep through with dashes of hard spices; cinnamon and allspice. Honey persists and spreads, enrobed in toffee and citrus.

Finish: Long, lush, sugary and herbaceous.

Overall: A cracking dram for any occasion.

What did he win, you ask? Only a VIP trip to the Orkney Islands to visit the renowned Highland Park Distillery! He’ll spend 2 days exploring the beautiful sea-swept landscape, enjoying some of the world’s finest whisky, and experiencing the unmatched hospitality of Scotland.

A dramatic view of the Highland Park Distillery.

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