Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Sloe Gin

Back in 2012 Professor Cornelius Ampleforth released his own unique version of the classic that is Sloe Gin, and he saw that it was good. Very good. So good, in fact, that everybody bought some… and then they bought some more for good measure. Then there wasn’t any left…. until now!

Introducing: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Sloe Gin 2013! *cue rapturous, hearty applause*

One of the problems the Professor faced last year was securing sufficient quantities of high quality Sloe Berries in order to keep up with demand. (After all, almost half a pound of Sloes are used in the production of each and every bottle!) Excitingly though, he now seems to have a handle on it now.


Sloe Berries

Sloe berries grow on the blackthorn, which are commonly used for hedgerows in the UK.

Using a time-honoured ‘cold-compounding’ technique, the finest copper-pot-still spirit is infused with Juniper, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cloves, and Orange Peel (in a similar fashion to the multi-multi-award-winning Bathtub Gin) as well as the aforementioned, all-important Sloe of course!

The result is something rather special. Following 12 months when this super-duper-yummers libation was sadly unavailable, this may well be the comeback of the year!

LL Cool Sloe

Just don’t call it a comeback in front of Cool James, because that may result in his Mother wishing physical violence upon you.

Tasting Note for Sloe Gin 2013:

Nose: Mmm almonds! Enticing marzipan and fresh bakewell tart with jam (not the iced kind) are supported by clearly recognisable juniper and juicy berries. Wonderfully rich and aromatic.

Palate: Wow, there’s some serious tannic grip here with berry tartness! Berry pie with a pleasingly viscous texture as you roll it around the tongue.

Finish: Quite clean but instantly salivating with lingering spices.

Overall: Perfectly balanced, this excellent Sloe Gin can be enjoyed neat or is just screaming out to be used in cocktails. Try using it instead of Maraschino in a Martinez for example, or for a simple and refreshing serve just add tonic water.

Sloe Gin from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Sloe Gin 2013 – 33.8%

This new vintage (bottled at an impressive 33.8% abv) has been a long time coming, but properly, properly delicious things are well worth waiting for…

All aboard the sloe coach!