Public Voting Open Now! – IWSC Independent Retailer Award

UPDATE: After record numbers of consumer votes were received, we’re proud to announce that we have successfully made it onto the final shortlist for the IWSC Independent Retailer of the Year! A huge thank you to every single person who voted!



IWSC best indie

Whenever we pick up a retailing award or trophy we always make sure to thank you, our customers, for all your support. We really do love all of you, you’re all marvellous and attractive people. Well done you.

We also know that many of you think of us rather fondly, too, thanks to the incredible feedback you leave us. It makes us blush.

With that in mind, there’s an opportunity for you to help us out by Voting For Us as the 2013 International Wine & Spirits Competition’s Best Independent Retailer sponsored by PLB (#IWSCbestindie). If you would like to, that is. Up to you. It’s really your choice.

Right, I’m off to watch some Derren Brown on 4oD.

Derren Brown

Just some randomly placed Derren Browns for your amusement.*


* May contain an extremely subtle subliminal message. My apologies.

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37 comments on “Public Voting Open Now! – IWSC Independent Retailer Award”

  1. Gunnar svensson says:

    Masterofmalt are best

  2. Phil knight says:

    Bought the Shackleton blend reproduction. Finest drink of my life 🙂
    Saving up for another one.

  3. Emma Williams says:

    You have no idea how many times you saved me from giving an embarrassing present and provided me with happy relatives and the title of awesome present giver. Thank you and to show my gratitude I have voted and urge everyone reading this to vote too : )

  4. Chris Hulland says:

    Voted! Great communicators with a unique style.

  5. Brian. Eldridge says:

    Just cannot live without them

  6. venet says:

    simply best

  7. Susie says:

    I don’t even like whisky but their range of Gins is second to none and the prices and service TOTALLY outstanding.

  8. john kennedy says:

    brill to deal with, orders come fast

  9. Amit says:

    Great service. Got delivery in good packaging and in good time. I intend using them a lot!!

  10. Nicholas di Mambro says:

    Very good service at all times. The Samples provided are great for presents as well one’s own consumption.

  11. Francine Loyo says:

    The best

  12. Sheryl says:

    Rumbullion was a big hit with my husband ,great website have used it again and again ,thanks

  13. jens börjesson says:

    very good service,fast delivery and very good package indeead!
    the best i have ordered from!!

  14. Brian Ogden says:

    Great site with extensive selection and great service.

  15. *Blushes*
    Don’t forget to Vote you beautiful, beautiful people!:

  16. Bob dale says:

    Always top quality service by master of malt .

  17. jim millar says:

    always had excellent service

  18. Rauer, Karsten says:

    Sehr guter Service …beste Ware ! Guter Preis und schnelle Lieferung ! Gerne immer wieder

  19. Susan Stuart says:

    I wish all on-line providers were as consistent and reliable as Masters Of Malt. Top notch products,service and delivery.

  20. Geoff Blyth says:

    Lovely People to do business with, so refreshing. A+

  21. David Price says:

    An excellent company to deal with, offering an extensive selection displayed on a user friendly website at competitive prices.

  22. John Carney says:

    No one better!

  23. Nicholas Waxman says:

    I have always had exemplary service from Master of Malt in a most professional way.
    The website is very easy to use with great explanations of their products.
    A BIG thumbs up!

  24. Marcin Przybylski says:

    simply the best!

  25. Bob Hoffer says:

    Professional and dependable. Great doing business with peoople like you.

  26. laurie wild says:

    We greatly enjoyed the delivery just before Xmas 2012 but unfortunately just half of the bottles arrived smashed! Could have probably made an insurance claim but, perhaps because it was Xmas and all that I got no reply to emails or phone calls. But the products (Whyte and Mackay)and delivery service (times) were great. I now have to decide what to do this year.

  27. Yvonne says:

    Great you guys are delivering to Austrralia once again. I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms. All purchases received in good condition and in a timely manner. Easy to do business with. My friends and I enjoy the Edradour Whiskey.

  28. Michael Knox says:

    Excellent varient of products. Good reliable service, and prices are not all that bad.

  29. Tomas J says:

    To find and get the favorit use master of malt and you will be happy.

  30. Bill Franklin says:

    Excellent products and service

  31. Stefan L says:

    Fantastisk service! Lika fantastisk sida:)

    Fabulous service! As fabulous homepage!

  32. alan catterall says:

    absolutely the best at precuring rare drinks from around the world at reasonable prices !!…..there malts and american whiskeys are second to none in availability !! first class service fast ….keep up the good work introducing new undiscovered spirits !

  33. Miro Lednar says:

    Just one – the first and very fresh experience. Excellent cghoice, service and communication. For sure I am not going look for another source.

  34. jeffrey smith says:

    I have always received a top class service,and enjoyed many
    single malts,gins,& wine.No need to shop anywhere else.

  35. Olie K says:

    Fantastic stuff! Brilliant packaging! Insightful and friendly news letters! Faster then expected and efficient service! What’s not to like! 🙂

  36. Alan Sanderson says:

    First time customer -Fantastic selection,fantastic prices.Placed an order on Monday evening and my order was waiting for me when i got home Tuesday afternoon! Brilliant.Needless to say i have voted and urge all customers to do likewise.Keep up the good work,will be back soon 🙂

  37. Thank you again for all the comments! What an incredible response!

    I’m sure you all have but last chance to vote is Today (16th Aug):


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