Glenfarclas Movember 2011

Finally we’ve arrived at the halfway milestone; that point in Movember when our upper lips no longer look lazy and unkempt, but instead play host to genuine moustache excellence. The chaps at Master of Malt are now fully fledged mo-wearers, and could proudly play the lead role in the upcoming biopic of Tom Selleck that I’m secretly writing when Ben’s not looking. That is, aside from one of the new “placement stiaowdents” and our MD, Justin, both of whom now must cope with ridicule and social ostracism for their inability to develop anything more than a shadow under their noses. They live with their shame.

Onto the really important stuff, so far, just halfway through Movember 2011, we’ve raised £5,135! Cripes! We’ve done this by selling our marvellous Movember whisky – a stunning 9 year old Glenfarclas drawn from two casks. We’re selling the bottle for £39.95 and you can read full tasting notes here. Not only does it taste frankly unbelievable, £10 from every single bottle sold is being donated directly to Movember UK!

We’ve snapped photos of all the chaps at Master of Malt showing off our development thus far…

Movember Moustaches

That’s Justin on the far left. An absolutely feeble attempt from an otherwise accomplished man.

Movember Moustaches

Placement stiaowdent Rhyan on the far left. It’s not even bumfluff. What an embarrassment. And yes, we realise Josh (seen here with a handsome yellow hoodie) is growing a full beard. We would tell him otherwise but he has a brown belt in Karate…

And finally…

Movember Moustaches

Four full moustaches: impressive.

Remember, if you want to help us raise even more money for Movember this year, all you have to do is buy a bottle of our frankly delicious Glenfarclas Movember whisky for £39.95. A full £10 from every single bottle sold will be donated directly to Movember UK, making it one of the easiest and most delicious charitable donations you’ll ever make!

The Hirsute Chaps at Master of Malt