Master of Cocktails pisco sour

Well hello friends. I almost didn’t see you there. Is it time for a drink? Seems a lot like it, doesn’t it? Today we’re making a sour recipe with an oft-maligned ingredient, Pisco. If you’re not familiar with pisco (or worse, if you’ve only tried the really cheap stuff), it’s worth getting to know.

It’s in the brandy/grappa family, made in Peru (and Chile, which has caused quite a rivalry between the two nations – many thanks to @robbo_123 for this knowledge). We’ll be using a perfect example of truly ace pisco – Payet Acholado.

Master of Cocktails Pisco

According to the label, it’s been matured (doesn’t say in what, though by law it must be glass or steel, not wood, if it’s made in Peru – Gold 12 house-points for @robbo_123) for over a year, and has genuine complexity. We’re using it today for our Pisco Sour. Incredibly simple drink, which is really rather delicious. It’s going to be the same easy-as-pie recipe as the Daiquiri(s) we made a few weeks ago. The power of the ratio of Half.

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

So – to begin with, we’re going to take 50ml of the Pisco in a boston shaker.

Master of Cocktails Pisco

Then we’re going to add 25ml Lime Juice. Half.

Master of Cocktails Lime Juice

Next, 12.5ml Simple Syrup (haaalf).

Master of Cocktails Sugar Syrup

Now one raw egg white (make sure it’s lion-marked, and it’s fine to use raw).

Master of Cocktails Egg White

Bung in a handful or two of ice, and shake, hard, for a minute or so.

Master of Cocktails Ice

Double-strain into a glass, discard ice, and put back into the shaker for a final shake sans-ice.

Master of Cocktails Pisco Sour

This does 3 things. 1) remove ice-shards 2) remove any chance of retaining the albumin 3) enables a nicely-retained foam. This time round, no need to strain.

Master of Cocktails Pisco Sour

Check that shit out. #fluffy

Master of Cocktails Pisco Sour

Now finally, you want a shake of Angostura Bitters delivered through the foam. You could put three drops in, then drag a cocktail stick through it to create a sort of roundel effect. Don’t bother though.

Look. Much easier.

Master of Cocktails Pisco Sour Bitters

And there it is. The Pisco Sour.

Master of Cocktails Pisco



Here’s what we’ll be using for next week’s #MasterofCocktails. Join us, won’t you?

Master of Cocktails Pisco

Next week you’ll be needing these…
St. George Dry Rye Gin, Sacred Spiced English Vermouth, Angostura Bitters and an Orange.