Master of Cocktails Pedro Grant Goes To New Orleans

Right then folks. Time for another #MasterofCocktails! This week’s involves setting things on fire, which is always fun.

We’re going to be making a Christmassy twist on a Sazerac recipe using Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel and PX Sherry. If anyone feels like complaining about the fact that we’re using a good single malt in a cocktail, can I suggest you jog on and complain to the Daily Mail – they’ll probably have a story to print about it being responsible for immigration. Or something.

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

So – on with the show. Let’s start by getting a coupette glass into the freezer to chill down.

Master of Cocktails Glasswear

First up – 40ml Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel. This is matured in a Sherry Cask for added ‘yum’.

Master of Cocktails Balvenie Whisky

Sling that into a stirring glass with a handful of ice…

Master of Cocktails Ice

And measure out 10ml of Gutierrez Colosia Pedro Ximénez.

Master of Cocktails Pedro Ximenez Sherry

The PX is going to contribute ample sweetness to replace the sugar in our bastardised Sazerac. Next up we need bitters. I’ve chosen two bitters – Angostura for body and depth, and Bitter Bastards Clove to accentuate the cask-notes from the Sherry Cask. Here they are:

Master of Cocktails Cocktail Bitters

So we’re going with a couple of shakes of Angostura Bitters & a couple of pipettes of Bitter Bastards Clove Bitters.

Master of Cocktails Cocktail Bitters

Give it a good healthy stir for 30 seconds or so…

Master of Cocktails Stir

I’m now going to strain the drink into our pre-chilled coupette, and take care of the fun bit.

Master of Cocktails Strain

Grab a Boston Shaker (the metal bit), pop a Star Anise on it, & soak in St. George Absinthe Verte.

Master of Cocktails Anise Absinthe

Now cleanse it with fire.

Master of Cocktails Fire

Leave it a good long while – you want char.

Master of Cocktails Fire Anise

Quickly pop it into the drink.

Master of Cocktals Garnish

Finally, grab your orange twist and express it over the glass.

Master of Cocktails Orange Twist

There we go. Think we’ll call this one ‘Pedro Grant Goes to New Orleans’.

Master of Cocktails Pedro Grant Goes To New Orleans




Tune in this weekend, same #MasterofCocktails-time, same #MasterofCocktails-channel (Sunday 6PM), where we’ll be making use of these ingredients…

Master of Cocktals Ingredients

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, Kamm & Sons British Aperitif, Mandarine Napoléon Grande Cuvée and Bollinger Special Cuvée.