Master of Cocktails First Press Terroir Sour

Greetings to you all. Time for another #MasterofCocktails? I think so. Last one for a few weeks this, due to impending progeny.

Today we’re making a drink that sounds thoroughly weird, but I assure you is delicious. It’s a gin sour that uses olive oil as an emulsifier.

Now – you can make this drink by shaking, but there is a better way if you’re making at home instead of in a bar. So – we’re going to repair to the kitchen.

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

  • 3 Basil Leaves
  • 15g of Olive Oil
  • A Whole Fresh Egg White
  • 25g of Lemon Juice
  • 50g of St. George Terroir Gin
  • 24g of Sugar Syrup
  • Nocellara Olives
  • Salt

To business. You’ll need a blender. Stick/normal/smoothie maker. Whatever. I’ve got one of these:

Master of Cocktails Blender

Seeing as we’re building into the mixing container we might as well weigh the ingredients.

Master of Cocktails Weight

So let’s start out with 50g of St. George Terroir Gin.

Master of Cocktails St George Terroir Gin

Now – we’re going to stick 3 basil leaves in there, stir briefly and then pull them out again.

Master of Cocktails Basil

Sounds like it shouldn’t do a lot. It does though. Adds a huge sweetness to the drink.

Master of Cocktails Basil

Next up – 25g Lemon Juice.

Master of Cocktails Lemon Juice

Add 24g Sugar Syrup (sounds a lot, is a lot, but we’re balancing the oil here too).

Master of Cocktails Sugar Syrup

15g Olive Oil next. You want very good quality. Fruity rather than extremely peppery if possible.

Master of Cocktails Olive Oil

And a whole fresh egg-white too.

Master of Cocktails Egg White

Looks appetising yeah? Like something you really want to get on the outside of yeah?

Master of Cocktails Yum

Well – here comes the magic. Grab yourself some ice. 4 cubes if straight from the freezer.

Master of Cocktails Ice

Now blend for about 20-30 seconds until you hear the ice disappear into the drink.

Master of Cocktails Blending

This is what you get out the other end. Completely emulsified and fluffy and lovely.

Master of Cocktails Fluffy

Pour into a glass…

Master of Cocktails Pour

And for garnish – remember we had some Nocellara Olives and salt in the initial recipe? Well. I Dehydrated the olives, whizzed them up with the salt, and this is what happened. It’s super-yummy, and very fruity.

Master of Cocktails Olives

Just sprinkle a bit on the top…

Master of Cocktails Garnish

And serve. Think we’ll call this the ‘First-Press Terroir Sour’.

Master of Cocktails First Press Terroir Sour


(At first, I hadn’t decided whether to make this one a Sour or a Fizz, and I did try to make it a Fizz. It was bullshit and I wish I hadn’t.)



@DJOsito joined in with us this week and made a First-Press Terroir Sour too!

Master of Cocktails First Press Terroir Sour

Cheers @DJOsito!