Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour

An unbelievably simple recipe today, but genuinely one of my all-time favourites. That’s right – today we’re making an Amaretto Sour.

Now before we get started, there are, of course, many ways to make this drink. You can serve it up, or on the rocks. You can include egg-white for additional body, and you can even bang in some bitters for additional complexity. The picture below is an example of an ‘up’ drink courtesy of ‘The Art of the Shim’, a superb book that I’ll come back to at the end.

We’re keeping it as simple as you like for this #MasterofCocktails version, however, which means you’ll require just 2 ingredients: Lemon and Amaretto…


Art of the Shim up drink

An example from ‘The Art of the Shim’.

Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

  • 60ml Disaronno
  • Approx. 40ml Fresh Lemon Juice (to taste, depending on lemons)

As with all drinks we’re making this January, this one’s under 2 units.

So – first up, grab yourself a hunk of ice from the freezer and get it into a glass to temper.

Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour ice

Measure out 60ml of Disaronno. Pop this into a stirring glass half-filled with ice.


Now for the lemon juice. You *probably* want about 40ml, but taste after 30, and keep adding until you’re happy. The exact quantity will depend on how old, sweet, sharp, and from whence your lemons are/is.

Master of Cocktails lemon juice

Next, give the ingredients a quick stir over the ice…

Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour stirring

…and then strain over the iceberg that’s been tempering in your glass.

Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour strain

Finally, grab a twist of lemon and express this over the top.

Master of Cocktails express lemon peel

You can sling the twist away – no garnish needed for this one.

There we have it. An Amaretto Sour.

Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour




If you mix along at home, don’t forget to send your pics to @MasterOfMalt or use #MasterofCocktails.

@MarkStuttard Amaretto Sour

Nice work @MarkStuttard!

Now, I said we were going to talk about ‘The Art of the Shim’. This book really is superb:

Art of the Shim

It’s well worth getting (available on Amazon) and it’s also where next week’s recipe will come from…

Master of Cocktails Amaretto Sour Next Week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Palo Cortado Sherry, Antica Formula, Regan’s Orange Bitters and an Orange.