Making The Yarmulzaki - by Joshua Hatton
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Making The Yarmulzaki - by Joshua Hatton

by Master of Malt     10. February 2011 14:40

Cocktail Ingredients

We asked a few well-known spirits/drinks writers to come up with delicious wintry cocktails using our 8 year old blended whisky, and our new cask-aged whisky bitters.

Joshua Hatton

This week we’ve teamed up with Joshua Hatton to bring you the next thrilling instalment in our guest cocktail blog series. Joshua not only writes a superb blog, he is also President and Founder of the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society based over in the good ol’ US of A. We posted Joshua a bottle of our very own 8 year old blended whisky and a bottle of our brand new and very fine cask-aged whisky bitters.

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So without further ado...

Making The Yarmulzaki

by Joshua Hatton

My drink is called "The Yarmulzaki" which is a good mix of a yarmulke (the little hat us Jews sometimes wear), a kamakazi and a wee measure of Yamazaki. I got the recipe from a gentleman named James Reichman - he posted it to my JSMWS Facebook page (I think as a joke but I tried it out and it tasted pretty damn good).

I thought that it'd be a great wintry drink - something for Chanukah or, just a warmer upper in the colder weather.


- 2 oz Master of Malt 8yr Blended Whisky

- ¼ oz of Yamazaki 12 year Old (or Puncheon but, 12yr is much preferred)

- ¼ oz of Manischewitz (Concord grape is good but the cherry schewitz is better)

- ½ tsp Triple Sec

- ¼ tsp superfine sugar

- 1-2 dashes Master of Malt Bitters (I suggest 1 dash unless you really want to bitter it up - the MoM stuff is powerful and a little goes a LONG way)


Throw all of the above ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake-shake-shake!!! Wait a minute or two then shake-shake-shake again!

Pour over the biggest ice cube(s) you can get your hands on, into a rocks glass, and add an orange peel garnish to pretty it up.

The Finished Yarmulzaki

Check out Joshua's Blog here

Or follow him on Twitter: @yossiyitzak @jewmalt

- The Chaps at Master of Malt -

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