Cocktail Ingredients

We asked a few well-known spirits/drinks writers to come up with delicious wintry cocktails using our 8 year old blended whisky, and our new cask-aged whisky bitters.

Billy Abbott

After a great start from Neil Ridley (who used a combination of fire and alchemy to create The Spiced Apple blazer – click here to read), our second cocktail is from Billy Abbott – an all-round spirits/beer buff who writes the wonderfully well-researched Billy’s Booze Blog.

He rose to the challenge, and here’s what he came up with…

Making the Mull of Apple-Tyre

Add 75ml Apple Juice

by Billy Abbott

This wasn’t as easy a task as I originally reckoned. “Simple”, I thought, “I’ll just bung everything in a glass and it’s bound to work”.

Not so.

After a bit of playing around (including making an interesting but not that easily recreatable Christmas Sazerac with MoM 8 year old, MoM bitters and mincemeat infused vodka Add 50ml Master of Malt 8 Year Old Whisky– when I say interesting I actually mean ‘quite sickly and a waste of good booze’), I settled on the idea of doing some pseudo-mulling.

The MoM bitters has a nice clovey punch which mixed nicely with some orange bitters to remind me of a clove studded orange, prepped ready to drop into a bucket of hot wine. So I ‘mulled’ some apple juice with the bitters, balanced with a drop of sugar syrup, and then added some extra spice with the whisky to make a chilly but still Christmassy tipple.

Add the Master of Malt Bitters

Actually, it might work heated up…I need to buy some more apple juice…


– 75ml cloudy apple juice

– 50ml Master of Malt 8 year old

– 5 or 6 drops of Master of Malt cask-aged whisky bitters (about 1/4 of an eyedropper)

– 4 dashes of Fee Brothers orange bitters

– 1 bar spoon sugar syrup

Add Master of Malt Whisky Bitters


Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake hard with ice.

Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass to serve.

If you are feeling extra poncy artistic garnish with an overly large cinnamon stick. Cinnamon says Christmas. Right?

And serve

You can read Billy’s Booze Blog here, and follow him on Twitter @CowFish.

Stay tuned for the next guest post from the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society’s Joshua Hatton…

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