Sample Room

Okay, so just a teaser at this stage, but you all remember the Glengoyne ‘Scottish Merchants’ Choice’ that was released last year?

Yep – you’ve got it – the English Merchants’ Choice is coming soon!!!

A full report will follow, but suffice it to say that Master of Malt were sequestered in the Glengoyne sample room with four of England’s greatest (other) whisky merchants earlier this year, and at great, great length selected a cask of which we are all supremely proud.

We won’t publish tasting notes or any other details at this stage, but the one thing that really stood out to us about the whisky is its colour. This is genuinely the darkest natural coloured whisky we think we’ve ever seen (with the exception possibly of Loch Dhu which falls more into the ‘travesty’ camp than the ‘whisky’ camp).

The Sherry cask in which this was matured was clearly of impeccable quality (just wait ‘til you try it – it will be available by the dram), but also may have been some kind of super-mutant cask (possibly with evil powers) in order to have imparted this colour.

As a fun comparison, we’ve put the whisky alongside some other really dark whiskies for you to see the true extent of this. All the whiskies are in flat bottles which are only about 1cm thick.


From left to right the whiskies are:

Macallan 10yo, Macallan 18yo, Parker’s Heritage collection 27yo Bourbon, Glenfarclas 105 40yo, New English Merchants’ selection.

See what we mean?

The Chaps at Master of Malt