Bearded Cat

So it seems there was a Caption Competition announced a couple days ago and we need to declare some winners. I was out of the office on the day it was announced, so imagine my surprise when I returned to find a picture of me training for my upcoming Broadway show CATS (in Ireland) had been used for the competition! I knew I should never have become friends with Jake on Facebook.

Nevertheless, we received a bunch of entries and (using a very scientific method which definitely was not just us chuckling away at our desks) decided on whom shall be receiving each of the three Drinks by the Dram Irish Whiskey Tasting Sets for St. Patrick’s Day!

Rainbow in whiskey glass

When asked what they wanted to find at the end of the rainbow, 4 out of 5 Master of Malt employees said “A massive glass of golden Irish Whiskey”. 1 out of 5 said a puppy.

Just to recap, we wanted captions for the picture of me practising for the final dramatic scene of CATS (in Ireland) (which will be on Broadway from the 31st of June, 2015).

Sam as a leprechaun

A very emotional scene. The tears will be falling. The music will be swelling. The hoop will be on fire.

The first Tasting Set is awarded to Iglesias Angrymans for his historically accurate caption. This scene is actually about Abe Lincoln visiting Kilkenny to retrieve his hat from a hoop-wielding maniac.

Iglesias Caption Entry

This is a direct quote from the musical, before he jumps through the hoop to karate kick me in the throat.

Our costume department on the show is pretty incredible. They got my co-star to look exactly like Abe Lincoln, who got all his style advice from Leprechauns. Top work for catching that one, Inglesias!

Lincoln and a Leprechaun

Fact checking is a number 1 priority with CATS (in Ireland).

The second winner is Jane Willis, for capturing the stress and emotion that goes into putting on a Broadway show, especially around holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.

Jane Willis Caption Entry

It’s not a pot of gold either.

We all lose our temper sometimes during rehearsals. We storm off, say things we don’t mean and even lash out every once in a while. Well, at least the cats do anyway. I tend to be quite level-headed, but the cats can act like real divas sometimes. It’s not just the threats like Jane has captioned – I’ve been on the wrong end of a kitty-cat’s-right-hook many a time during this production.


I said ‘Step pause turn pause pivot step step,’ not ‘Step pause turn pause pivot step’ – MY EYES!

Our final winner is Kavita Favelle, not just for being funny and clever and making alcohol references all at the same time, but she’s also made a reference to the musical from which I drew a lot of inspiration from for CATS (in Ireland)CATS (not in Ireland).

Kavita first entry

Rum Tum Tugger says he wants rum, but if you offer him rum, he demands whiskey! Picky blighter, that Rum Tum.

We were also very impressed to see that Kavita made another picture, going further down the rabbit hole and referencing the T.S. Elliot book that CATS (not in Ireland) was based on – Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats!

Kavita TS Elliot Entry

Oh T.S. Elliot, you’re so whimsical.

Enjoy your Irish Whiskey Tasting Set, Kavita and all of our winners! Raise a glass on St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy yourself, drink responsibly and remember – 31st of June, 2015 is the opening night for CATS (in Ireland). If you’re looking for a not-quite-copyright-infringing musical about cats singing and dancing in Dublin, you know where to look.