Ardbeg Tractour

Ever been stuck behind a tractor on a narrow road on Islay? Or anywhere else for that matter? Ardbeg, it seems, have created the perfect solution…

With a little help from automobile whizz extraordinaire Paul Burnham, Ardbeg have succeeded in turning a reliable farmer’s best friend (the sort of indestructible behemoth you could leave rusting in a field for a decade and it would still start up first time) into a shiny chrome-clad hot rod! In fact, as you can see in the video below, their 1950s Massey Ferguson tractor can now show Formula 1 cars from the following decade who’s boss!


Is that legendary Scotsman Jim Clark in the Lotus?!

The TracTOUR has already taken in Germany and France on its way across Europe, after which it will head off to Asia and America, with tasting events being held in cities around the world.

As with everything Ardbeg do, the attention to detail is staggering and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, this machine is truly a joy to behold…

Ardbeg Tractor side

Ardbge Tractor detail

Ardbeg Tractor detail engine

Ardbeg Tractor pipes

Ardbeg Tractor helmet


Some Numbers etc. (for Ben and the petrol-heads out there):

1959 Massey Ferguson 35 chassis
546 bhp
604 lb/ft of torque
8.2 litre V8 supercharged engine
8 custom configuration pipes
Weight: 2 tonnes
Rear wheel height: 4.5ft / 137cm (equivalent to 4.7 bottles of Ardbeg)
Colour: Ardbeg green, gold and chrome
Detailing: branded grill, bodywork and embroidered leather driver and passenger seats

Unfortunately, however fast Ardbeg make tractors this still won’t stop sheep ambling aimlessly right into the Islay roads, so nuisance-free motoring remains but a dream. If only sheep could fly over roads…

Leaping sheep

Get this hero a cape!

(Then we could use him to collect crates and kill our enemies.)