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Colombian Rum

The narrative of rum is global, but Colombia's chapter holds notes of unique allure. Steeped in a history where sugarcane fields sway to the rhythm of the Andes, Colombian rum represents not just a drink, but a deep-rooted cultural symphony.

Rum's journey in Colombia can be traced back to the Spanish colonists, who brought sugarcane to these fertile lands. The juxtaposition of the Andean climate with the balmy coasts provided a perfect canvas for producing sugarcane of superior quality. Over the centuries, a union of ancestral techniques and modern innovation has shaped Colombia's rum narrative.

One cannot sip Colombian rum without sensing the embrace of Solera ageing, a method borrowed from sherry production. It involves ageing the spirit in a cascading series of barrels, imbuing the rum with depth and complexity. This technique gifts Colombian rums their distinct caramel undertones, punctuated with notes of vanilla and oak.

Leading the parade of Colombian rums is Dictador, a brand synonymous with luxury. With bottles that whisper stories of yesteryears, Dictador exemplifies the Colombian balance of tradition and modernity. Then there are brands like La Hechicera and Parce, elevating the national profile with their artisanal offerings that echo with hints of tropical fruits, tobacco, and spice.

But the heart of Colombian rum is not just in its aged variants. White rums, often used as the backbone in cocktails, showcase a cleaner, crisper profile, making them perfect for mixology. The global cocktail renaissance has seen Colombian rum taking centre stage in classics like the Mojito and Daiquiri, underscoring its versatility.

In essence, Colombian rum is a dance of the old and new. It's where time-honoured practices meet contemporary flair. A sip transports you to sunlit plantations, bustling old ports, and fiesta-filled nights. In the world of spirits, Colombian rum stands as a testament to a nation's passion, pride, and pursuit of perfection. ¡Salud!

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La Hechicera Fine Aged Rum
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Dictador 12 Year Old
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Dictador 20 Year Old
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Dictador Aurum
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Dictador Platinum
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Coloma 8 Year Old
70 cl / 40% ABV