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Eswatinian Rum

In the enchanting landscapes of Eswatini, a small kingdom tucked between Mozambique and South Africa, the art and tradition of rum-making have modestly flourished, weaving itself into the tapestry of the nation's agricultural and manufacturing sectors. The terroir, favourably imbued with conditions conducive to sugarcane cultivation, facilitates the crafting of distinctive rums that, whilst still emerging, are nudging the door of global recognition. Here, with careful adherence to authentic methods and sometimes with innovative approaches, rums are crafted to encapsulate the essence of the region, transmuting the lush sugar canes into a range of delightful spirits that encompass a palate of the land’s unique offerings.

The Easy Peasy collection, brought to life in 2023 by Swell de Spirits, embodies a range of spirits conceptualised and developed with a focus on uncomplicated enjoyment. The initial offering from this line-up is an intriguing blend of four tropically aged rums, each selected from distinct, exotic origins, that culminates in a vibrant and engaging spirit. The blend is composed of two column-distilled molasses rums – one from the Philippines and one from Eswatini – and two pure cane juice rums, with one being column-distilled in Vietnam and the other using an iron still in Ghana.

Swaziland, despite its diminutive size, has been slowly, yet assuredly, building a reputable standing in the international rum scene. The Canoubier Rum from Swaziland, crafted meticulously using top-quality sugar cane and refined, traditional methods, is one such example of the premium spirits originating from the area. Recognising and appreciating the global acclaim that white rums from neighbouring Zulu countries have received, Swaziland has harnessed similar qualitative methodologies to carve out its own space in the arena of world-class rum production.

Venturing into a slightly unorthodox methodology of rum production, the Old Mother Hunt Smoky Oak Golden Rum eschews conventional ageing processes in favour of an infusion with charred American white oak. This ingenuity introduces dry, somewhat spicy, and subtly smoky nuances into the spirit, providing a novel base for classic cocktails with a smoky twist and featuring notes of oaky vanilla, brown sugar, and a dash of black pepper.

The journey of rum-making in Eswatini, from the fertile sugar cane fields to the intricate blending and infusion processes, is not only a testament to the region’s ability to produce noteworthy spirits but also a reflection of the capability of smaller nations to make significant contributions to the global spirits market. In each bottle, the spirit of Eswatini’s landscape and the craftsmanship of its distillers are encapsulated, offering a sip that is at once regional and universally enjoyable.

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