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South African Rum

In the last 10 years, there has been an explosion in the number of rum micro-distilleries across South Africa. They emphasise quality over quantity and experiment with local ingredients and traditional techniques. The craft rum movement in South Africa is not just about creating a beverage; it's about telling a story. Each distillery, with its unique methods and ingredients, narrates a tale of its region, traditions, and the people behind the bottle.

Diversity of South African Rums

South African rum is as diverse as its landscapes. From the golden beaches of its coasts to the rugged terrains of its mountains, every region offers something unique, and this diversity is mirrored in its rums. There are white rums, perfect for cocktails, that capture the raw, vibrant essence of freshly distilled sugarcane. Aged rums, on the other hand, are often imbued with deeper, complex flavours, absorbing the character of the barrels they are matured in.

Spiced rums infused with South African botanicals are a revelation. Ingredients like rooibos (a local tea) and fynbos (a unique category of shrubland vegetation) introduce the world to a flavour palette that is distinctly South African.

In the coming years, as the world’s horizons expand, it won't be surprising to find South African rums gaining prominence and appreciation on the global stage.

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