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Boxer Gin

Boxer Gin is one of the Sustainable Spirit Co’s leading brands, a company founded in 2012 in order to produce high quality spirits that could be environmentally friendly through green innovation. Its unique Eco-refill concept enables a bar or restaurant ordering refills of its products to receive 8.4L ‘Eco-Pouch’ reservoirs. Available solely for trade and physically comparable to boxed wine, these reservoirs reduce packaging by 95%, cut transported weight by 45% and transport volume by 63%.

Instead of producing and recycling glass the bar or restaurant can refill its bottles of say, Boxer Gin, straight from the Eco-Pouch. Refills can also be sold for a fraction of the cost of the original supply, and since 2017 this method has saved 170,652 bottles from being thrown away and boasts carbon dioxide savings of 107,510kg.

Boxer Gin doesn’t leave the innovation solely for the green side of things, however. While, as a brand, it has an appreciation of the traditional distillation techniques of London-dry-style gins, it also aims to complement these methods with innovative infusions to create a distinct product. Like a plethora of modern spirits brand, Boxer Gin prides itself on harnessing local ingredients and supplementing them with exotic botanicals to create a unique gin.

The use of wild, Himalayan juniper berries is an example of this, especially considering they are steam-distilled fresh at the source, which means they capture all of the nuances of flavour that come from the mountain-scape in its surrounding. Botanicals such as Himalayan juniper distillate and bergamot are then steeped in an already distilled English pure wheat spirit for an eight hour maceration. This two-way process involves new and age-old techniques of fermentation and distillation in a modern tower still and copper pot still named Jenny (pictured), which heat the spirit to produce vapour that condenses to form the gin.

Boxer Gin is stylistically influenced by classic British sporting heritage during what was known as the ‘Golden Years’ of gin, after the ‘Gin Act’ (officially the ‘Sale of Spirits Act 1750’) was repealed in the late 18th century. In particular, the brand pays homage to the preeminent 19th century boxer, Thomas King, who retired as the Heavyweight Champion of England with the rather brilliant nickname, ‘The Fighting Sailor’.

Boxer Gin Eco-Pouch (The Sustainable Spirit Co.)

280cl, 40%

The wonderful Sustainable Spirit Co. has decided to do away with glass bottles, creating the Eco-Pouch! The refill pouch holds the same amount of liquid as four bottles, saving on excess glass…  More info

Boxer Gin Eco-Pouch (The Sustainable Spirit Co.)

Boxer Gin

70cl, 40%

The Boxer is a crisp London Dry Gin with a wonderfully complex, vibrant flavour. It is based on fresh juniper and a trio of a superb botanicals: orange, lemon and bergamot. The result is truly superb.  More info

Boxer Gin

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