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McQueen Gin

McQueen Gin is an adventurous and innovative spirit brand hailing from the heartland of Scotland. Born out of a desire to push the boundaries of the gin experience, the company was founded by husband-and-wife team Dale and Vicky McQueen in Callander, near the Trossachs National Park. What makes McQueen Gin stand out in the crowded gin marketplace is its commitment to unique flavour profiles, premium ingredients, and a handcrafted approach that honours the Scottish tradition of distilling while also daring to be different.

McQueen Gin is known for its meticulous distillation process, which includes the careful selection of botanicals to create distinct and daring flavours. They use a traditional copper still, which is often considered essential for producing the finest gins due to the way it removes impurities and imparts a smoothness to the final product.

Innovation is at the heart of McQueen Gin's philosophy. The distillery has developed a reputation for crafting unexpected and bold flavours, such as Chocolate Mint, Smokey Chilli, and Mocha, alongside more traditional offerings. This adventurous approach has garnered them attention from gin enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary.

The Range of Flavours

McQueen Gin's range features a spectrum of flavours intended to offer something for every palate. From their signature Dry Gin, with its classic juniper-forward profile, to more unconventional infusions, the distillery has an impressive array of options. Their flavoured gins often reflect the natural beauty and resources of their Scottish surroundings, with locally sourced botanicals and clear, crisp water.

Super Premium Dry Gin

Their flagship gin which serves as a base for many of their flavoured variations.

Spiced Chocolate Orange GinA festive gin that combines the warmth of spices with the indulgent flavours of chocolate and citrus.

Coconut & Lime GinA tropical infusion that captures a perfect balance of exotic coconut with zesty lime.

Black Cherry & Vanilla GinA sweet and fruity gin with a rich cherry base complemented by smooth vanilla.

These expressions not only offer unique tasting experiences but also lend themselves to a wide range of cocktails, expanding the versatility of gin as a category.

Sustainability and Community

Sustainability is a key concern for McQueen Gin. The distillery takes pride in its eco-friendly practices, such as using sustainable packaging and striving for a low carbon footprint in its production processes. They also engage with the local community in Callander, contributing to the local economy and often sharing their success with the place where their gin journey began.

Awards and Recognition

McQueen Gin has been recognised within the spirits industry for its quality and innovation, having received several awards that showcase its excellence in both taste and design. These accolades reflect the brand’s success in not only creating a superior product but also in capturing the imagination of the public and industry experts alike.

Experiences and Engagement

McQueen Gin also offers experiences for gin lovers to engage with their products. The distillery hosts tours and tastings, where visitors can learn about the production process, the botanicals used in each gin, and, of course, sample the various gins produced by McQueen.

Packaging and Design

The brand pays close attention to the design and packaging of their bottles, which often feature bold and distinctive artwork that reflects the character of the gin inside. The attention to detail in packaging speaks to the brand's overarching philosophy that the experience of gin starts at the eyes and involves all the senses.

McQueen Gin represents the new wave of gin producers who are not content to rest on the laurels of tradition. Instead, they seek to innovate and inspire with flavours and experiences that challenge the norm. Their commitment to quality, coupled with a willingness to experiment, has set them apart in the world of spirits.

In a relatively short amount of time, McQueen Gin has managed to build a reputation that resonates with the modern spirit consumer: one that values authenticity, creativity, and a local touch. For gin aficionados and the curious alike, McQueen Gin offers a taste of Scotland's natural grandeur with a twist of the unexpected, making each sip an exploration of both flavour and craft.

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