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McQueen Gin

McQueen Gin, a Scottish brand known for innovation, was founded by Dale and Vicky McQueen in Callander. They stand out in the gin market for their unique flavours and commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The brand utilises a traditional copper still for distillation, ensuring smoothness and purity.

At the heart of McQueen Gin is a desire to create bold and unexpected flavours. They also have adventurous offerings like Chocolate Mint, Smokey Chilli, and Mocha.

Their range includes:

- Dry Gin: A classic, juniper-rich gin.

- Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin: A festive blend of spices, chocolate, and citrus.

- Coconut & Lime Gin: Combines exotic coconut with zesty lime.

- Black Cherry & Vanilla Gin: Features sweet cherry and smooth vanilla.

These gins are versatile, perfect for various cocktails.

Sustainability is important to McQueen Gin. They use eco-friendly packaging and strive for a low carbon footprint. The brand also supports its local community in Callander.

McQueen Gin has earned several awards for taste and design, highlighting its success in the spirits industry.

The distillery offers tours and tastings. It gives visitors insights into their production process and the chance to sample different gins.

Packaging is a key focus for McQueen Gin, with distinctive bottle designs that reflect the character of each gin.

McQueen Gin is at the forefront of gin innovation. The company is constantly challenging traditional norms with new flavours and experiences. They have quickly built a reputation for authenticity, creativity, and a local touch. The rsesult offers a unique taste of Scotland's natural beauty with an unexpected twist.

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