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Australian Gin

Australian gin has surged onto the global stage, earning a reputation for its distinctive character and innovative use of local botanicals. As the craft distillery movement blossoms, Australian distillers are harnessing the unique flora and fauna of the continent to create gins that are as diverse and wild as the landscape itself.

The story of Australian gin is one of both heritage and revolution. While the spirit’s roots are firmly planted in the traditions brought over by the British during the colonial era, today's Aussie gin makers are pushing boundaries, defining a distinctly Australian gin profile. They are exploring beyond the classic juniper-led London dry style to produce something intrinsically tied to their native land.

What sets Australian gin apart is its botanical bill. Distillers forage for indigenous ingredients that speak of their terroir, such as the lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry, and the illusive finger lime. These are not mere exotic touches but form the heart and soul of the gin, giving it a character that cannot be replicated elsewhere. This deep connection to the land doesn't just end with the botanicals; even the water used in the distillation process is often sourced from pristine local springs, contributing to the gin’s unique taste profile.

The creativity of Australian gin makers is nothing short of remarkable. Some have looked to the ocean, using kelp and sea parsley to impart a saline maritime note that conjures images of the rugged Australian coast. Others have turned to the bush, incorporating eucalyptus to give their gin a fresh, menthol-like quality that is as refreshing as a walk through a eucalypt forest.

This innovation extends to the production process itself. Australian distillers are not afraid to experiment, whether that means employing unusual distillation techniques, ageing gin in wine barrels for extra complexity, or crafting zero-waste spirits. The sustainability ethos that permeates much of Australian culture is mirrored in its gin production, with many distillers striving for practices that are as good for the planet as they are for the palate.

In terms of flavour, Australian gins can range from the boldly botanical to the subtly sophisticated. You might find one with a heady, floral bouquet thanks to the addition of native wattleseed, or another with a citrus-forward punch from the addition of blood orange and river mint. There is a versatility in Australian gins that makes them suitable for a classic G&T, a dry Martini, or a more elaborate mixed drink.

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