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Kiwi Flavoured Gin

New Zealand, renowned for its stunning landscapes and exceptional wines, especially its world-class Sauvignon Blanc, is steadily carving a niche in the spirits world. Among the spirits making waves internationally is the country's flavoured gin, which is a testament to New Zealand's innovative spirit and its rich botanical heritage.

The Kiwi Botanicals

The unique terroir of New Zealand, combined with its diverse ecosystems, provides a treasure trove of indigenous botanicals. From the zesty kawakawa leaves and the aromatic manuka flowers to the fruity notes of native berries, New Zealand offers a palette of flavours and aromas that distillers are keen to tap into. These botanicals, when combined with traditional gin ingredients like juniper, result in a gin that's distinctively Kiwi.

Rise of the Flavoured Gin

While traditional gin focuses on the predominant taste of juniper, flavoured gin brings forward other botanicals, creating a symphony of tastes that can range from fruity and floral to spicy or herbaceous. New Zealand's entry into this category is relatively recent, but it is rapidly gaining recognition thanks to the quality and uniqueness of its offerings.

Local distillers are not just content with replicating international flavours. They are diving deep into the country's natural reserves, often foraging for wild ingredients, to craft gins that capture the essence of the New Zealand landscape. This commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in every sip, making New Zealand flavoured gins a sought-after spirit for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Notable Gins

Several New Zealand distilleries have made a mark in the flavoured gin category:

Lighthouse Gin: Distilled in Martinborough, this gin is flavoured with botanicals like native New Zealand kawakawa leaves and blossoms, giving it a unique flavour profile.

Sacred Spring Dry Gin: Hailing from Takaka, this gin incorporates botanicals sourced from the surrounding regions, including the pristine waters of Te Waikoropupu Springs, creating a gin that’s as pure as its origins.

Broken Heart Gin: Originating from Queenstown, they offer a variety of flavoured gins, including a Quince Gin, which is a delightful blend of the tartness of quince with the spicy depth of juniper.

Serving the Kiwi Way

New Zealand flavoured gins, with their unique profiles, are versatile for a range of cocktails. Whether it's a classic G&T, where the tonic complements the gin's flavour notes or more complex concoctions, these gins stand out. Moreover, the country's thriving craft cocktail scene is continually inventing new mixes that highlight the gin's essence.

However, for those keen to truly appreciate the intricate flavours, sipping it neat or on the rocks allows the gin's character to shine through.

Looking Ahead

As the global appetite for craft spirits grows, New Zealand's flavoured gin is poised for greater recognition. With distillers committed to sustainability, local sourcing, and continuous innovation, the future looks promising. Furthermore, as more consumers seek spirits that tell a story, the tales of foraging in the wild New Zealand landscapes, of pristine waters, and of age-old Maori botanical knowledge make these gins all the more enchanting.

Flavoured gin from New Zealand is more than just a drink; it's an experience, a journey through the country’s varied landscapes and its rich cultural tapestry. It embodies the passion of its makers, the richness of its land, and the spirit of innovation that New Zealanders are known for. As the world discovers and cherishes these unique gins, it's clear that New Zealand is not just a wine powerhouse but a rising star in the world of spirits.

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