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Finnish Spirit

Nestled in the icy embrace of Northern Europe, Finland has a long history of distilling that mirrors its rugged landscapes and the resilient character of its people. While the Finnish spirit (in both senses of the word) is rooted deeply in tradition, it is also characterised by a drive for innovation that makes Finnish spirits stand out in the crowded world of alcoholic beverages.

Koskenkorva is perhaps the most iconic spirit to hail from Finland. Often mistaken for vodka due to its clear appearance and neutral base, Koskenkorva is more than just a simple spirit. Made from barley and distilled in the village of its namesake, Koskenkorva is celebrated for its pure taste and the sustainable methods involved in its production. Its versatility makes it a favourite for mixologists and traditionalists alike.

In Finland, the appreciation of spirits is not limited to the conventional. The country's abundance of wild berries and unique botanicals has given rise to a variety of liqueurs and infusions. Lakka, or cloudberry liqueur, is one such beloved beverage. Made from the golden cloudberries that grow in Finland's marshes, Lakka is a sweet and slightly tart liqueur that captures the essence of Finnish wilderness.

Valhalla is another intriguing Finnish creation. Inspired by Nordic mythology and the harsh Finnish climate, this herbal liqueur combines a mix of herbs, including angelica, wormwood, and yarrow, resulting in a complex, bittersweet taste that's reminiscent of the country's landscapes and folklore.

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