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Polish Spirit

Poland's distilling traditions encompass a wide spectrum of spirits that showcase the nation's agricultural richness and cultural heritage. Moving beyond the realm of vodka and liqueurs, one finds an assortment of distilled beverages that are distinctly Polish, often reflecting the seasonal bounty of this Central European nation.


Sliwowica is a potent fruit brandy traditionally made from plums, often found in the southern regions of Poland. This clear spirit is typically double-distilled and can reach an alcohol content of up to 70% ABV. It is celebrated for its robust plum flavour and warming character and is commonly consumed as a digestif or during celebratory events. Aged versions, which take on a more mellow and refined taste, are particularly prized.


Another traditional Polish creation is Jablkówka, an apple brandy that captures the essence of locally grown apples. The careful fermentation and distillation of these fruits yield a spirit that carries the delicate nuances of apple varieties unique to Poland. Jablkówka is sometimes aged in wooden barrels, acquiring a smoothness and depth that enhance its fresh, fruity notes.


Malinówka is a raspberry spirit that is less sweet than a liqueur but rich in the vibrant flavours of fresh raspberries. The process involves the fermentation of raspberries followed by distillation, resulting in a spirit that is dry yet fruity, often enjoyed by those who appreciate the pure, unadulterated taste of raspberries without additional sweetness.


Similar to Malinówka, Wisniówka is a cherry spirit made by fermenting and distilling cherries. It offers a dry and tangy flavour profile, showcasing the tartness of the cherries. It's a fine representation of Polish stone fruit spirits that can be sipped neat or used as a base in more complex cocktails.

These spirits are just a glimpse into the diversity of Poland's non-vodka and non-liqueur alcoholic offerings. Each is a testament to the country's long-standing traditions and the modern resurgence in craft and artisanal distillation methods. Whether through the enjoyment of a simple, fruit-derived spirit or a more complex, aged brandy, Poland's non-vodka distillates offer a rich tapestry of flavours waiting to be discovered.

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