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Belgian Spirit

Elixir d'Anvers: A True Belgian Original

Elixir d'Anvers, a traditional herbal liqueur, deserves a special mention. Boasting a recipe unchanged since 1863, this golden elixir, with its 32 herbs and spices, is a testament to Belgian heritage. Its complex flavour profile makes it not only a digestive but also a versatile cocktail component.

Advocaat: Not Your Ordinary Eggnog

Advocaat, a rich and creamy liqueur, is far from your standard eggnog. Made from egg yolks, sugar, and brandy, its smooth, custard-like consistency and comforting taste make it a favourite during festivities, especially Christmas.

Roomer: A Floral Delight

Roomer stands out with its distinct visual appeal. This modern liqueur is filled with elderflower blossoms, giving it a unique, refreshing taste and an eye-catching appearance, perfect for summer cocktails or as an aperitif.

Jenever: The Grandparent of Gin

Though not to be confused with gin, jenever, also known as genever, is an intrinsic part of Belgian spirit history. It's less refined but flavourful, often sipped neat or used in traditional cocktails. A visit to Belgium is incomplete without trying a glass of jenever, preferably at a local 'brown cafe'.

Absinthe: The Green Fairy's Belgian Connection

Though more associated with France, absinthe has a quiet but devoted following in Belgium. Known for its high alcohol content and anise-flavoured taste, it's a spirit surrounded by mystique and history, enjoyed by those who respect its potency and cultural significance.

Fruit Brandies: Capturing the Orchard

Belgium’s fruit brandies or eau de vie, are clear, potent spirits distilled from fermented fruits. Cherries, apples, pears, or even berries, nothing goes to waste. These brandies are intense, flavourful, and best enjoyed in moderation.

These spirits, though less celebrated internationally, are an integral part of Belgium's gastronomic landscape. They exemplify the country's tradition of using local ingredients, respecting age-old recipes, and continuously innovating. For connoisseurs and those eager to explore beyond the obvious, these Belgian spirits offer a journey through history, culture, and taste.

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