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Welsh Spiced Rum

piced rum, a spirit traditionally associated with sun-soaked Caribbean islands and tales of pirates, has been making waves far from its tropical origins. The rising global appreciation for this flavoured rum variant has spurred distilleries worldwide to try their hand at it, and Wales is no exception. With its rich history, pristine natural resources, and a budding distilling scene, Wales is creating spiced rums that hold their own on the international stage.

The process of creating spiced rum involves infusing rum with a melange of spices, often including vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, among others. Welsh distilleries have been tapping into local ingredients, drawing inspiration from the nation's landscape and history, to give their spiced rum a unique twist.

Barti Ddu, for instance, is a Welsh spiced rum that has garnered attention. Named after the infamous Pembrokeshire pirate Black Bart, or Bartholomew Roberts, this rum infuses Caribbean rums with seaweed sourced from the Pembrokeshire coast. The result is a delightful marriage of traditional rum flavours with a distinct maritime twist, embodying the spirit of Wales and its storied coastlines.

Another notable mention is the Spirit of Wales Distillery, which crafts a spiced rum with a symphony of spices. They take pride in producing a rum that not only captures the warmth of traditional spices but also introduces hints of Welsh botanicals, ensuring a rum that is both familiar and distinctly Welsh.

These Welsh spiced rums, along with others, are gradually making their mark in the broader spirits world. They bring together the rich, warming character of classic spiced rum with the uniqueness of Welsh ingredients and storytelling.

In summary, while the Caribbean remains the heartland of rum, Wales is demonstrating that with passion, innovation, and a nod to local heritage, it's possible to create exceptional spiced rums that resonate with both tradition and modernity. The Welsh distilling scene, with its embrace of spiced rum, is indeed a testament to the spirit's global allure and adaptability.

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