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28 Year Old Grain Whisky

A 28-year-old whisky speaks of time, care, and precision. With nearly three decades of maturation, the spirit's flavours and subtleties have been allowed to develop fully, producing a drink that's rich and finely tuned. Every interaction the 28-year-old whisky has had with its cask has layered it with depth, offering a taste experience that's both intricate and rewarding.

Though the broad landscape of whisky history is vast, grain whisky holds its special place. Its roots are anchored in the technological advancements of the 19th century. The column still's introduction, during this era, reshaped the way distillation was approached, crafting a distinct character for whiskies like the 28-year-old grain variant.

Central to grain whisky, especially one aged for 28 years, is its assortment of grains. The sweetness of corn, the spiciness from rye, the gentle touch of wheat, and barley's traditional flavour come together harmoniously. This blending of grains, distilled continuously in the column still, results in a spirit that's both purer and stronger in alcohol content.

When tasting a 28-year-old grain whisky, the palate is met with a variety of notes. There's the foundational sweetness, sometimes accompanied by fruit or floral hints. In essence, every sip of this 28-year-old beverage is a nod to the grains it's derived from and the meticulous process behind its creation.

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