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St Aubin

Exploring rum leads to various styles and traditions from around the world. Rhum Agricole is unique in both its making and taste. St Aubin from Mauritius is a notable example of this type of rum.

St Aubin Distillery

St Aubin Distillery is in Mauritius. It has been part of the Rhum Agricole tradition since 1819. The distillery shows Mauritius's history and its close link with sugarcane and rum making. Understanding Rhum Agricole's subtle style is key to appreciating St Aubin’s rums.

Rhum Agricole's Unique Quality

Rhum Agricole is different from other rums. It is made from sugarcane juice, not molasses. This changes the rum's character. It often has a fresh, vegetal, and sometimes fruity or floral taste. It started on French-speaking islands like Martinique. Rhum Agricole's style reflects French colonial history. It shows in its making, terms, and land.

St Aubin's Approach

St Aubin has been making rum for generations. It combines Agricole tradition with Mauritius's natural gifts. The distillery reflects Mauritius's sugarcane fields, rich soil, and tropical climate. Sugarcane is vital for Rhum Agricole. At St Aubin, they grow it with a deep understanding of the land and climate.

Distillation Process

St Aubin uses old and new methods. They aim to capture the best qualities of fresh sugarcane juice. Every step is carefully watched. This includes harvesting, crushing, juice extraction, fermentation, and distillation. Ageing adds more layers to the rum. The tropical climate speeds up maturation.

The Range

The brand offers different types of Rhum Agricole. Their white rums are crisp and vegetal, sometimes fruity. Their aged rums have deeper and more complex tastes. They show the effects of ageing in oak. Each type of rum offers a different experience. They range from the simple taste of white rums to the complex taste of aged rums.

Beyond Rum Making

This is more than a rum maker. It is part of Mauritius's culture and tourism. The estate has an old plantation house, sugarcane fields, and a working distillery. Visitors can have a full experience, not just a distillery visit. It helps them understand the link between the land, sugarcane, and rum.

St Aubin's Legacy

St Aubin has been active in the Rhum Agricole world for 200 years. It shows Mauritius's skill in combining its natural and cultural richness in its rums. St Aubin offers not just a spirit. It offers a story of the island and its sugarcane.

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