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Italian Dark Rum

Given Italy's rich history in producing spirits like grappa, many distillers apply similar meticulous methods and stills to distilling dark rum. This fusion of techniques is part of what gives Italian dark rum its unique character.

After distillation, the clear spirit enters the crucial ageing phase, which significantly distinguishes dark rum from its lighter counterparts. Italian rum makers have leveraged their ample experience with wooden casks from the country’s prolific wine and whiskey sectors. The rum is aged in barrels that may have previously held wine, whiskey, or other spirits, facilitating a complex exchange between the wooden cask and the rum. This interaction imparts the dark colour for which dark rum is known, along with a host of deep, rich flavours and aromas.

The ageing process in Italy also takes on a local twist. Unlike the consistent tropical climates where most rums are aged, Italy's diverse environmental conditions introduce a unique interplay of factors affecting the rum’s maturation. From the humid sea air in coastal regions to the crisp alpine breezes in the north, the local climate imparts distinct touches to the ageing spirit.

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