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Grenadian Liqueurs

Grenada has some amazing liqueurs and is perhaps best known for the exciting range of fruit, nutmeg and chocolate drinks and spirits. One of the most iconic liqueurs from Grenada is Rivers Rum, with its potent and pungent character derived from sugarcane juice. Grenadian Nutmeg liqueur, with its warm, sweet, and slightly spicy flavour profile is also worth trying. This liqueur, (often homemade) is also available from various local outlets and brings the nutmeg to the forefront, often with subtle undertones of other local spices. Grenada’s local fruits, such as passionfruit, guava, and sorrel, also find their way into the bottles of various fruit-based liqueurs produced on the island.

Sorrel liqueur, in particular, has a nice blend of sorrel’s subtle tartness mixed with other Caribbean spices. Similarly, passionfruit and guava liqueurs encapsulate the tropical essence of the island, offering a sweet, aromatic, and slightly tangy flavour profile that speaks to Grenada’s lush landscapes and abundant flora.

Moreover, the chocolate liqueurs of Grenada deserve a special mention. Leveraging the island’s thriving cocoa industry, chocolate liqueurs are crafted using locally sourced cocoa beans, renowned for their quality and distinctive flavour profile. Often melded with various spices and sometimes even with a dash of the acclaimed local rums, these chocolate liqueurs provide a velvety, indulgent experience, brimming with the rich, bittersweet character of Grenadian cocoa.

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