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Brazilian White Cachaca

Cachaça, affectionately dubbed the "soul of Brazil," is a distinctive sugarcane spirit deeply rooted in Brazilian culture and history. The unaged, or white variant, referred to as "prata" (silver) or "branca" (white), presents as a transparent spirit that delivers a potent sugarcane profile, oscillating between sweet and vegetal nuances. This pure distillate encapsulates the very essence of sugarcane, divulging grassy undertones, subtle fruity hints, and a gentle, warming sensation.

Prominent brands like Novo Fogo and Leblon lead the charge in showcasing the potential of white cachaça. Novo Fogo offers an organic silver cachaça that rests in stainless steel tanks before bottling, resulting in a spirit enriched with tropical fruit overtones. On the other hand, Leblon's cachaça is distilled in traditional copper pot stills and refined in ex-cognac casks, imparting a silky, creamy texture that sets it apart.

The international recognition and appeal of cachaça have been undeniably amplified by Brazil's emblematic cocktail, the Caipirinha. Composed of white cachaça, lime, sugar, and crushed ice, this refreshing blend has firmly positioned cachaça on the global spirits stage. Today, its influence stretches well beyond Brazil, captivating spirit aficionados around the world. Though the Caipirinha remains its most iconic representative, bartenders worldwide are harnessing its unique character to conceive innovative drinks. Whether savoured neat to cherish its raw, sugarcane charm or mixed into an inventive cocktail, white cachaça remains a proud ambassador of Brazil's vibrant spirit heritage.

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