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25 Year Old Grain Whisky

A 25-year-old whisky represents a quarter of a century of maturation. Over this extensive period, the spirit, once young and vibrant, has matured and mellowed. Guided by oak barrels, this whisky has developed a rich tapestry of flavours, showcasing the essence of time, care, and craft.

Within the vast whisky landscape, the story of grain whisky holds a special place, shaped during the technological advancements of the 19th century. The introduction of the column still during this time marked a transition from the traditional methods of the pot still to a more efficient approach. Born out of necessity to meet the growing demands, the 25-year-old grain whisky soon established its role, subtly enriching renowned blends with its unique character.

While the term 'grain whisky' may sound simple, its creation is anything but. Different grains, each contributing its flavour — from the sweetness of corn and the kick of rye to the smoothness of wheat and the time-honoured notes of barley — come together in this 25-year-old spirit. The continuous distillation process in the column still ensures a spirit that's both refined and pure.

When you taste a 25-year-old grain whisky, you're met with a delicate balance of flavours. At its heart are the foundational grain notes, accentuated by hints of vanilla, caramel and a subtle oaky undertone. Each sip of this 25-year-old spirit is a testament to its heritage and the artistry behind its creation.

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