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Small Batch Whiskey Samples

Drinks by the Dram's selection of 3cl samples offers an exploratory journey into the diverse world of small-batch American whiskey. These samples provide whiskey enthusiasts and novices alike with a window into the craft and creativity that small-scale distilleries pour into every bottle.

Small-batch American whiskey is characterised by its unique take on traditional distilling methods. Craftsmen from across the United States take pride in their innovative approaches to flavour, grain selection, and ageing processes, contributing to a wide array of styles and tastes within the small-batch category.

The convenience of these 3cl drams cannot be understated. They offer a no-risk platform to expand one's palate and discover hidden gems that might otherwise go unnoticed. Each dram is a snapshot of the distillery's vision, from whiskeys that hold the smoky whispers of charred oak barrels to those that carry the sweetness of corn or the spiciness of rye in their mash bills.

These samples serve as a testament to the American whiskey renaissance, highlighting innovative expressions ranging from smooth and mellow, with vanilla and caramel notes, to bold and robust, with strong oaky undertones. They cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences, echoing the diversity of the American spirit.

Furthermore, Drinks by the Dram's small-batch American whiskey samples act as a curated guide through America's whiskey trail. With each dram, one can traverse from the high peaks of Colorado, where the altitude imprints its signature on the ageing process, to the sun-drenched plains of Texas, where the heat influences the maturation in unique ways.

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