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Corn Whiskey Samples

We are proud to bring to you an exclusive range of 30ml samples embodying the essence and complexity of American corn whiskey. Each 3cl dram is just a fraction of the cost of a full-sized bottle, empowering aficionados and curious drinkers alike to explore and taste without the commitment of a substantial purchase. It’s an innovative approach to whisky appreciation, and we believe it’s a game-changer, bidding farewell to buyer’s remorse.

American corn whiskey, with its rich heritage and distinctive character, is crafted predominantly from corn, resulting in a sweeter, more mellow drinking experience. These 3cl samples are perfect for those looking to delve into the world of corn whiskey, providing an opportunity to taste and understand the nuances of this unique American spirit.

Our 3cl samples of American corn whiskey celebrate the diversity of this spirit, featuring products from well-established distilleries to small-batch producers, each with their unique take on corn whiskey. The samples allow you to navigate through different styles and flavours, from the classic, smoother profiles to more innovative and contemporary expressions.

Not only do these samples offer a journey through the flavours and stories of American corn whiskey, but they also serve as a valuable tool for comparison. Tasting side by side, enthusiasts can discern the subtle differences and preferences, developing a more refined palate and a deeper appreciation for this spirit.

Beyond individual samples, we also offer curated tasting sets from Drinks by the Dram, providing a guided tour through the world of American corn whiskey. These sets are thoughtfully assembled to showcase the versatility and range of corn whiskey, making them an excellent gift for spirits enthusiasts or a fantastic way to expand your own horizons.

The practicality of these 3cl samples cannot be overstated. They are an accessible way to explore the vast and varied landscape of American corn whiskey, offering a taste of luxury and tradition without the hefty price tag. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, these samples are a passport to discovery, inviting you to savour the spirit of America, one dram at a time.

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