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1423, based in Denmark, is known in the spirits industry for its high-quality products. Established in 2008, the distillery is especially famous for its rums. It focuses on craftsmanship, innovation, and respecting spirit-making traditions.

Origins and Expansion

The founders started with a love for rum. They aimed to create rums that would stand out globally. The name 1423 refers to the year when rum was becoming popular worldwide. This shows their commitment to rum's history and modern distillation and ageing.

Diverse Portfolio of Spirits

While rum is their main focus, 1423 also makes gin, vodka, and liqueurs. They aim for quality and uniqueness in their products. They balance traditional methods with modern innovation, appealing to various tastes.

Rum: The Core Offering

1423's rums are known for their complexity. They source top-quality rum from the Caribbean and South America. They then blend and age it in Denmark. Their rums range from young, vibrant spirits to older, complex ones. Each rum reflects its origin and ageing process.

Commitment to Quality and Craftsmanship

The distillery emphasises craftsmanship and detail. They choose the best ingredients and carefully manage distillation and ageing. This commitment shows in the depth and richness of their products.

Innovative Products and Collaborations

The company is open to experimentation and innovation. They often work with other distilleries and experts. This leads to limited edition releases and unique products. These show the distillery's creative spirit.

Global Presence

Despite being relatively new, 1423 has a big impact worldwide. Their products are popular with professional bartenders and casual drinkers. They appeal to those who value quality and uniqueness.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

The distillery focuses on sustainability and ethics. They aim to reduce their environmental impact. This approach appeals to consumers who value transparency and responsibility in spirit production.

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