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Diamond Distillery

Diamond Distillery, located on the Demerara River in Guyana, is important in the rum world. It is the last distillery in a country once full of sugar estates and distilleries. The distillery keeps over 300 years of Guyanese rum-making history. This tradition is rich in history and the tropical land of the region.

The distillery is part of Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). They produce the famous El Dorado rum. Diamond Distillery is not just about making rum. It is about preserving history. In the 20th century, it brought together various stills from across Guyana. Each still has its own story and features.

The distillery has unique stills. These include the 18th-century Port Mourant double wooden pot still and the Versailles single wooden pot still. They give the rums a depth and complexity that modern stills can't match. The Enmore wooden Coffey still is another old piece. It adds a distinct taste to the spirit. These stills make the distillery's rum unique.

The distillery is known for its Demerara rum. It uses molasses from local sugar cane. The Demerara region is known for high-quality sugar cane. This leads to a fuller, tastier rum.

The ageing process also makes the rum special. Guyana's tropical climate speeds up the ageing in oak barrels. This makes the rum rich, smooth, and flavourful.

The distillery also focuses on the environment. They recycle and use byproducts efficiently. This includes using spent wash as fertiliser and bagasse as fuel.

Their rums, especially El Dorado, have won international praise. The range of El Dorado rums includes aged varieties loved worldwide. These rums represent Guyanese skill and history. The distillery has helped make rum more premium. They offer long-aged rums that compare to fine cognacs and whiskies. Some are aged over 25 years, showing rum's complexity and sophistication.

Diamond Distillery tells Guyana's story through its rum. It reminds us of the Caribbean's sugar and rum history. The distillery is a living museum and a symbol of Guyanese rum tradition. For rum fans and historians, it is more than a distillery. It is a beacon of tradition and a legacy of Guyanese rum.

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