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20 Year Old Grain Whisky

After two decades in a cask, whisky takes on a special character. Over these 20 years, the cask has a quiet influence, allowing the spirit inside to absorb unique flavours. The outcome is a 20-year-old whisky that has experienced the changing seasons, presenting a subtly rich taste and a feel that evokes the passage of time. From the choice of grain to the type of cask, everything plays a part in shaping this 20-year-old drink.

Diving into the history of whisky, grain whisky has its own tale to tell, closely linked to the industrial shifts of the 1800s. It was then that the column still came onto the scene, offering a quicker alternative to the traditional pot stills. This innovation catered to the rising demand for whisky, positioning grain whisky as a valuable asset, especially when blending with the robust malt variants. Crafting a 20-year-old grain whisky is more than just mixing grains. Each grain, be it the sweet corn, punchy rye, mellow wheat or traditional barley, plays its role in defining the whisky's character.

Opting for the column still for distillation, the resulting spirit of the 20-year-old grain whisky is cleaner and more refined. When you take a sip, its flavour is subdued but layered. Core grain tastes are complemented by hints of vanilla, caramel and a touch of oak from the barrels. This 20-year-old grain whisky isn't just another beverage; it's a gentle nod to the intricacies of time and craft.

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